Val x Love Fanservice Review Episode 07

This week we get an enjoyable episode to go with the usual BD opportunities.

For whatever reason the girls decide to have our MC play doctor.  For what should have been just a throwaway ecchi episode, it actually provided some surprisingly good character building.  There’s also a fair bit of nudity in the manga version of these chapters, how would the anime fair?


That foreground stethoscope seems quite fishy.


Plenty of room under the stethoscope there to fit a partial nipple sighting.


Maybe the chair disappears on BD?


I have a feeling that scarf is getting flipped around on BD.


Yakumo continues to be the character most in command of her sexuality in this series as she mercilessly teases the MC before seductively calling him a pervert.  Her seiyu Maki Kawase does a great job of making this character work.

Yakumo’s style of seduction a bit unique.  She’s sorta like Mizore Shirayuki if said character were a sociopath and a master manipulator.  She’s soft-spoken but also clever and ruthless.  And she’s doing all this while being the loli archetype.  It’s been fun watching Yakumo blaze a new path for what a loli character can be.  She’s the kind of girl ‘your momma warned you about’, and that makes her fun on the screen.


So obviously there’s some sexy stuff here for Misa, maybe some BD nipples as well if we get lucky.  But more than that, we get a good feel for her character as we delve into her inner state of mind as well as her insecurities.  I guess that’s what happens when you give a character a whopping ten minutes to make an impression.  While I commend this series for rushing to reach certain fanservice goals, there’s no denying that this would be a better anime if it gave the characters time like this more often instead of rushing along to whatever is next.


Overall thoughts:


Wow… a good episode.  I wasn’t expecting that.  Here we have a solid twenty minutes of characterization without any wasted time from contrived plot devices, and we got some pervy fun in the process.  Even the MC felt less irritating than usual.

Also on the positive side is that a huge amount of the manga nudity feels plausible here with minimal changes.  That helps me feel more hopeful that this series won’t completely drop the ball.

This episode covers chapters 16 and 17, so not quite on that pace it needs to reach the 32nd chapter by the end.  There figures to be good service next week and the week after that we’ll probably get the first big bathing episode.

As far as getting to the big bath scene in chapter 32, they’ve shown already in this series that they can fly through the action sequences faster than the manga did, so hopefully they can hustle through the final battle of this arc as well.  As long as they keep up the 2+ chapter pace, things should end up being fine.