Hajimete no Gal Fanservice Review Episode 5 [UPDATED]

Nene makes a comeback!


[UPDATE1] Unfortunately, NoxBasket deleted her gfycat account after she stopped writing for fapservice. Her WebMs for this review have been re-uploaded to gfycat and the album link has been updated.  In addition,  gfycat embed code was updated from an old WordPress plugin to newer Responsive Iframes. Please note that this is a review of the TV show as it aired and not the BDs.


If y’all don’t remember, last episode it was foreshadowed Nene, the oppai loli, would return. Previous episodes had cameos of her running away in tears after seeing Junichi with different women. She gets the impression he has a thing for gals, so she ends up giving herself a makeover, complete with pink hair. The episode consists of her trying to win over Junichi. Of course, she’s too naive and ends up failing pretty badly.

The show starts with, you guessed it, another fantasy with Yukana.

The bra was a nice touch.

Junichi wakes up, only to find Nene on top of him.

She explains that she’s trying hard to be a gal, and wants Junichi to be with her.

From the OP:

Nene clings onto Junichi as they walk to school. Unsurprisingly, they bump into Junichi’s gang.

The pair also encounter Yui. She apologizes to Junichi for her meltdown the day before, only to get rattled out by a very possessive Nene.

Of course, Yui isn’t amused.

Clearly Ranko still isn’t letting Yukana and Junichi become a thing. Not on her watch.

Nene promptly interrupts the three.

Uh-oh. Cut to a nightmare-ish sequence…

…which involves…wrestling?

We have a winner, folks.

Luckily Yukana is okay with Nene being there. She sees Nene as a little girl, and doesn’t take her seriously (which only further irritates Nene). Nene gets Yukana to kneel down (because Nene really is that short) and the two rub their chests together.

Ranko joins too!

Nene runs off, reminding everyone that she and Junichi were very close as childhood friends.

Junichi goes to bed, only find that Nene has sneaked her way in again.

Except this time she’s butt-naked.

Junichi’s inner faithfulness isn’t having any of this!

In short, Junichi firmly tells Nene she can’t be his first when Yukana’s around.

Nene is very upset of course, but she vows to win him over anyhow the next morning.

End Card!


WebM album here. 

While this episode does have way more service than the last, it still doesn’t quite hold up to the manga. There were some shots of Nene’s behind that were left out in her naked scene, kind of a shame. I’m also surprised how there’s much more oppai service rather than butt service. It was pretty obvious from the get-go that boobs were the main focus because of mostly top-heavy female cast. However, there still was a notable amount of ass service in episodes 1-3. The amount in this and the previous episode totally pales in comparison. Blank boobs are here too, so I guess the chance of BD changes for nudity are extremely unlikely at this point.

Anyways, I’m getting off tangent. Even though I sounded pretty negative (don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate the show at all), I’m still pretty satisfied with Nene’s scenes. Next episode is called “My First Time at Yame-san’s House”, so we’ll see where that takes us next time.