Choujin Koukousei TV Fanservice Review: Episode 7

It seems the ninja is capable of saving the villagers by letting herself to be stripped. XD 

Hello everyone, welcome back to another episode of the High school Prodigies in the Isekai World anime!! The episode begins with Shinobu and Elm enjoying the great hospitality offered by by Emerada and her daughter Melinda at Coconono village inn while investigating the Gustav’s lands.

However, Shinobu was quick to discover that something is suspicious with the villagers despite the villagers claiming how great their village are but none of the villagers are eating the food they serve despite starving themselves. After they sneaked into their basement to inspect further, it was revealed that villagers have been secretly drugging travelers before killing and eating them. When Duke Gustav’s soldiers punishes Melinda for having dirt on her clothes during an inspection, Shinobu surrender herself to their leader, Silver Knight Jeanne Do Leblanc, in exchange for sparing Melinda since Elm had explained that the girl tried to warn Shinobu and Elch to leave the village before this.

After that, it was revealed that Jeanne is actually a member of the the Azure Brigade, whom opposes Duke Gustav’s tyranny and asks Shinobu for help. She freed Shinobu since an enemy of an enemy is an ally for her too. XD Meanwhile, Emerada apologizes and explains that Coconono was once a normal farming village but when Duke Gustav took over their lands, he forced the villagers to turn Coconono into a beautiful town using the villagers own money and ordered them to always keep their clothes clean, meaning they could no longer farm for food or earn money. His obsessive rules put a toll on the villagers lives to the point where they were forced into cannibalism just to survive, which many of them regret.

At some other place, Duke Gustav was impatient upon learning that his army are yet to Findolf and took action by using his magic spear, Heaven’s Flames, to destroy Dormundt. Lyrule learned about the attack when she was being communicated by a mysterious being. Tuskasa and Ringo learned about the attack too but the anti-aircraft missile is unable to prevent the spear from landing a hit at Dormundt.

In overall, there wasn’t much fanservice in this episode other than Shinobu getting stripped while being capture. Initially thought of combining the next episode into this review too but since the site is lacking of content, the next episode was separated to the next review. XD

Anyway, we still hoped that you all are still enjoying this anime and also the fanservice from it too. Please stay tuned for the following episodes of fanservice review and the anime to know more about what kind of fanservice they got. XD Last but not least, thanks for reading everyone!! (^^)v