Kandagawa Jet Girls Episode 7 Fanservice Review

Perhaps the best episode yet. Four nude shots (personal best) and some wholesome character development

Rin (twice), one of the idol girls and a side character are all shown topless. For the standards of Jet Girls this is cause for celebration. Ancillary to the nudity, Rin gets sick from overworking herself and her friends arrive to nurse her back to health.

Episode 7 starts with the idol girls staring in a fishing program for whatever reason. Safe to say no viewer is watching for pro tips.

Turns out the preview wasn’t just bait. This marks the first new character to be shown nude since Emily and Jennifer a month ago, and they just so happen to provide the only petite body service in the entire show. If one twin is exposed, it certainly makes sense for the other to follow suit.

Needless to say, Rin is an airhead. Dividing her already limited attention span towards Jet Racing certainly hasn’t helped matters. She enlists the help of friends to improve her grades.

Rin is such a Jet Racing junkie that she tries to strip to her underwear in preparation for a match that doesn’t exist. Unfortunately, Misa is here to cockblock that attempt and keep her focused on academics. Good friend. Bad enabler for fanservice.

Reading a textbook in the bathtub seems counter intuitive, but it seems to work with Rin passing her next exam. More importantly this scene gives us the first shot of a side character nude, officially opening up the window for other secondary characters to receive some form of explicit service.

Rin is exhausted from her non-stop training, both mentally and physically. Misa takes good care of her ailing teammate.

sexiest shot of the season, bar none

We don’t get to see what was a very sensual wash down scene. We can only listen through the door as the gal girls do. The stitch of Rin holding her tits in embarrassment is incredible to be sure, but there’s a lot of service left on the table here.

Reinforcements have arrived to help Misa take care of Rin. She sure has made a lot of friends in recent weeks.

how is this supposed to help Rin get better? No idea. But it’s provocative and gets the people going.

Former rivals, now best of friends

Rin has a bad dream of her deceased milf. Not even death can stop service. Misa is there to comfort her, and the episode ends on a wholesome hand-holding note.

Next Episode Preview:

Misa has come so far as a character since her debut as a moody ice queen. She does not think twice about nursing Rin back to health and ensures that her partner stays focused on academics so that she can be free to race later. For the first time we see Misa take the initiative and act purely in the interest of another person, while Rin is the one in a vulnerable state in need of others to lift her up.

Ironically, it seems Jet Girls is at its best when racing is not involved and the focus is upon developing the girls relationships outside of competition. It’s been easy to forget that racing is even a factor in the last two episodes, and I can’t say I’m excited to see it return at the sacrifice of more homo-erotic overtones and cute girls doing cute things shenanigans.

The next episode will formally introduce the final pairing – you may remember them from episode one as the girls in fashionable garb who were obviously gay for each other

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