Hajimete no Gal Manga Fanservice Compilation

Yet another manga following the latest trend in the love-comedy genre. Pure Gyaru’s!

Personally, I don’t like the idea of pure gyarus much. It seems contradictory and just a bit moronic, like oppai-loli. Gyarus are anything but pure, and are usually the most depraved of any female stereotype, at least if doujins are anything to go by.

Hajimete no Gal is written and drawn by Ueno Meguru and is getting an anime this summer, produced by studio NAZ. NAZ doesn’t have a ton of anime productions under their belt, but the PV makes it look well animated and all the ecchi from the manga looks intact.

Hajimete no Gal manga fanservice compilation (4 Volumes) (Ongoing)

Vol. 1

Vol. 2

Vol. 3

Vol. 4

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Compilation of Volumes 1-4

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