Souryo to Majiwaru Shikiyoku no Yoru ni fanservice review episode 12

True love end obtained.


For the most part the final episode does it’s own thing compared to the manga. The very beginning showing Kujo at his training is the same but after that it is anime original content. The r18 version of this episode has around 46 seconds more time as well. Unlike the previous episode which was minor in service this one has much more for the last episode.

Probably due to the extra time the r18 version has there is this shot at the start as opposed to the other two versions which start at the next one.

Both Kujo and Mio are shown to still be thinking about each other throughout the day.

Kujo returns back from his training and Mio greets him but before she can tell him what she wants to say Kujo tells her how much he loves her. He also tells her he is sorry about what happened before in the hallway with Yuki.

Mio forgives him and tells him that she loves him as well. We now reach the point where the most changes for this episode occur for different versions.

At this point is when the versions switch. If you are watching the standard version you get this segment instead.

This was actually the longest one in the show. Which makes sense due to how long the scene it is censoring it is. So if you are watching the at-x or r18 version the following is what you get instead.

It is at this point in which things start being different with the next scene.

This scene starts panning upwards but in the at-x version the scene begins already halfway up while the r18 version starts at the very bottom and pans up.

AT-X version censors in the usual way while r18 is not.

Remains the same in both versions.

Same type of censorship from before.

After this scene we get this short part only in the r18 version next.

After this the at-x and r18 version are the same for the next scene but with an odd change during one part.

This scene is pretty much the same but as the camera pans down on Mio there is a short flash of white in the at-x version as if the scene was going to cut away but doesn’t and still continues on. The r18 version doesn’t have this flash though.

This scene is the same for the at-x and r18 version but after this part the r18 version has a significant amount of extra content. So in the r18 version all of the following scenes are only in that one.

This is where the r18 version’s content ends and the two versions join up with the next scene being where the at-x version starts right after that scene of Mio laying on the bed previously before the r18 content.

This ends the at-x and r18 version’s content that was different from the standard version with all 3 joining up after this part.

Kujo asks Mio if she wan’ts to go see something and she agrees.

Lewdest thing in the show.

Kujo takes her to the back of the house to show her the blooming cherry tree they have. As you can tell this is the same place shown in the ED of each episode. So the ED we were seeing each episode was sort of showing the ending the whole time.

Mio comments to herself how she will always love him and all the good and bad their relationship will bring.

And with that the show has ended on a happy ending.


WebM album.


While most people probably treat 7sins as the main fanservice show of the season I found Souryo to beat it out easily with what it gave us. The show was always delivering service each episode and service that was far more extreme than what other shows would give us thanks to the r18 rating. I think many people passed over the show due to it being meant for women and being only 5 minutes long but it actually gave what many people have wanted in an anime for a long time. This show had main characters that were actually adults in their 20s not some teenagers like most shows. The main male character was actually assertive and not your typical type of character we get in so many other shows. Both characters admitted their feelings for each other earlier on rather than hiding it like other shows do until the end if ever. And more importantly the main leads have sex multiple times something that we pretty much almost never see in anime these days.

The use of an r18 version for the online airing is something that will hopefully be used by others in the future as well as it opens up many possibilities for adaptions. There is plenty of borderline h manga out there that would be great to finally have an anime adaption of and the use of the r18 rating if this tactic catches on would make that possible without having to tone it down. For the Summer season we have the Skirt show doing the r18 option as well but even though they have different studios both Skirt and Souryo had the same publisher for their manga so that isn’t really a case of different companies trying the r18 tactic out yet as the publisher of both manga probably requested it.

If more companies do start to try this r18 method then we can also hope it finally happens for a manga that is aimed at a male audience next time. Since this was mainly for woman it won’t have the benefit of getting the main otaku audience on board so seeing a show that attempts to do so while using the r18 method would be interesting to see. The BD release was announced to be August 25th but no other details about what might be in it has been said. Though they are selling two different versions which is the standard version and r18 one. With all that said the show was decent at least to me anyway because of the different things it tried compared to other shows. We had a show about a relationship and it also managed to give some good service as well. Plus the r18 stuff is certainly a unique thing for a show to do and will hopefully be utilized by others in the future.


I will probably be the one covering Skirt this summer as well because of it being similar to Souryo. That is assuming I’m still healthy enough to do so. Been having salmonella since april and don’t know what is going to happen from here on out if the medicine will work or cause other problems. Hopefully I will be back.