Souryo to Majiwaru Shikiyoku no Yoru ni fanservice review episode 11

Imagining lewd things.


Took awhile to do this post because subs for this and the final episode did not appear until just recently which is why this is so late. This episode was fairly tame on service and only had around 18 seconds of extra content in the r18 version.

Mio thinks about what happened the day before in the previous episode and how she didn’t get a chance to talk to Kujo before he left for training where he has no contact to the outside. After this is where the service for the episode comes in with an imagination scene by Mio picturing him coming home. This is anime original content that didn’t happen in the manga and this was probably to account for removing something later on similar to what happened in a previous episode.

Mio imagines Kujo coming back and taking her right there in the entrance. This is where the episode changes based on the version. In the standard version as the camera is panning down it switches to another short comedy segment.

If you are watching the AT-x or r18 version then the scene pans all the way down showing Mio. There is some censorship in the AT-X version though which I will show.


The AT-X version puts a censor on her panties when they are shown and pulled down while the r18 version does not. After this scene there is a short shot of Mio’s face in the r18 version that is not in the at-x one.

This is shown right after her panties are pulled down in the r18 version which is probably just a time constraint thing with the at-x version while the r18 one has more time available to it..

This part is shown next in both versions but then splits again with the next scene being in the r18 version only .

After this the next scene is censored in the at-x version with the wooden fish censor and by having the whole scene be static while the r18 version has movement.

And that is the end to all the differences in this episode with all 3 versions joining back up and continuing on from here.

After the Mio’s imagination scene she goes back to school and keeps running into Yuki multiple times.

Yuki follows her back to the house and tells her some things about his and Kujo’s parents such as their wedding anniversary coming up and then tries to get Mio for himself again by making himself look better than Kujo.

Yuki tries to convince Mio to pick him. I’m guessing his way of wording things was his way of saying that being with Kujo will cause her problems and how he would never do that and was being sarcastic when he said picking Kujo would be the best choice.

Mio turns him down and tells him how she has always loved Kujo and that feeling has never changed and that she only wants him. Much like the previous episode this episode had some content changed around this point compared to the manga. In the manga Yuki does do more stuff to her here such as oral and gets ready to fuck her before she stops him and then this scene plays out. So they simply removed Yuki being successful in doing stuff to her here and replaced that with Mio’s Kujo imagination scene earlier.

Yuki cries over being rejected and Mio remembers what she learned from Kujo when he was teaching her.

Mio tells him one day he will understand everything and that things will be fine. And with that the final boss has been beaten and the episode ends.


WebM Album.


Only one more episode left and though this episode had less service than previous ones the final episode does make up for it. Usually I wouldn’t be able to say that but since I couldn’t do this post due to lack of subs till after the final episode had already been released I know what is in the last episode. This episode also did the same thing the previous episode did with removing a rape type part and replaced it with a scene between the two main leads instead. The final episode sort of takes that a step farther by having most of the next chapter be different so the final episode is significantly different from the manga but I’ll address that in the final episode post which should be on the same day as this one a few hours later.

I really hope no other shows I cover have to deal with late subs because it is a massive pain remembering a show more than two weeks after the previous episode let alone wanting to work on it but can’t.