Hajipuru! manga fanservice compilation

Hajipuru! cover

Hajipuru! is a manga by Takuji (II). I saw the categories tags for this on mangaupdates, which were Paizuri, Public Sex, School Intercourse, and Tentacles, and lots and lots of ENF (embarrassed nude female), and just had to see it.

Unfortunately raws were nowhere to be found on the internet, so this is possibly the first anyone in the western hemisphere is seeing this is full.

The central conceit seems to be a girl who needs to get turned on to fight demons, which often involves her getting nude in front of large groups of people. This was right up my alley.

And yes, that’s a mother-daughter titjob towards the end of vol. 1.


Hajipuru! manga fanservice compilation (vol. 1-2) (Complete)


Vol. 1

Vol. 2


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Here’s the compilation version.

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And here’s the full version since this manga can’t be found anywhere else.

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