Hand Shakers Fanservice Review Episode 2

Loli service takes over this episode.

Unfortunately Bind and Riri (Lily) aren’t given much service this episode, however there is a lengthy bath scene from Kiyori (the white haired loli).  However, there is one slight (emphasis on slight) downside for some people, and it’s that the MC has to hold Kiyori’s hand 24/7.

Some shots from the opening.

As you can see, these are just shots/scenes comprised from the actual anime (the cap with Bind will look familiar because all of those shots are from the first episode). There is some noticeable jiggling from the shot above, so we can expect more soon.

This scene was also in the PV, if any of you remember. Possible no-pan?

For any Bind fans. However, this is the only shot of her in this episode.

MC takes Kiyori home. They celebrate.

Here comes the bath scene….

With filter.

Doesn’t seem to have a sign of nipples.


No sign of nips (as some would expect). Feels better without that much fog though.

Another loli?

Shots from the ED. Nothing much aside from some wet clothes with Kiyori.


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Hand Shakers is actually offering more than I expected. Maybe I’ve just become pessimistic, but the bath scene was way longer than I anticipated it to be. If the service is consistent in the rest of the anime, it’d make a nice (non-nude) ecchi. Next episode doesn’t look as service-y judging from the preview at the end of the episode, but I’d love to be proven wrong.