Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku o! 2 Episode 2 TV Fanservice Review

Yunyun makes a return!

As Kazuma and gang pine for Darkness’s return from being ‘raped’ by Aldart, Megumin decides to bring a cat home that she affectionately names Chomusuke. Soon after, Sena tasks them to subdue a group of colorful toads only to find themselves comically overwhelmed. However, they are saved by Yunyun, a self-proclaimed rival of Megumin. I guess it’s hard to claim ignorance of her identity after her ‘wonderful performances’ in the OVA. Hehehe

Megumin wins a pretty meaningless personal duel with Yunyun and soon finds herself fighting with Kazuma over who gets to take a bath first. They end up sharing a bath together, leading to some panic when Aqua returns home. The next day, Megumin engages Yunyun in round two of their duel and via an accident involving their use of a magical friendship crystal, they end up showing everyone their ignominious pasts, much to their embarrassment.

Credits to Aikaflip and Sanya for the stitches

Credits to Sanya and ScissorMeTimbers for the WebMs


To paraphrase and quote ScissorMeTimbers, this episode has reminded us of why and what made Konosuba so fun to watch in the first place. It’s a show that always produces hysterical laughter-inducing moments, so much so that people who live with me now think that I should get a girlfriend asap. But I digress.

On another note, this episode gave me the vibe that this is a Yunyun episode and that she will not appear again till later in the season. But I may be wrong and I definitely hope this is not the case!