High School DxD – 4th Season Cometh + More News + Videos

It is time for the true Harem King to come forth and take your place on the throne.

Updated with videos…


At the Fantasia Bunko Academy 2016 Thanksgiving event that happened this weekend that a 4th season has finally been commission and already in production. Further information about the series will be reveal in the future.

At the panel for DxD, Yoko Hikasa voice of Rias Gremory, and the man himself Ichiei Ishibumi the creator of DxD made an appearance and took questions about the history of DxD and the anime.


This is the summary of the DxD Session at the Fantasia Bunko Academy 2016. Credits to u/samat654 for the summary.

  • First, a review
  • The title today is “The secret birth of a Gremory Household member”
  • Ishibumi-sensei notes that the ones present on the session has oppai-lover faces he can easily recognize lol.
  • Everyone chants the summoning spell said in Volume 9 (that’s the one said by Georg, if you’re wondering) “Summon Oppai”, and lo and Behold, Yoko Hikasa appears (Rias’ seiyuu/VA).
  • Ishibumi is a stoner. Sorry, bad joke. He just likes drinking, which inspired him to write Azazel’s frequent drinking in the series.
  • Hikasa Likes Akeno, full stop.

About the Setting.

Originally the first volume was meant only for Issei to help Asia… Meaning that Ishibumi would probably keep Issei as a human rather than Devil originally. However, that kind of development would take many volumes to keep up (especially since Issei does not have any specific talents to begin with), so Ishi changed Ise to be a Devil and introduced Rias

After that, demands for loli smaller than Asia and Oppai larger Rias got high, so he introduced Koneko and Akeno

Also, Ise was originally envisioned with Kiba’s character traits, but later changed into a pervert because Ishibumi felt those character types “weak” to be a main character. BRAVO ISHIBUMI.

Regarding Character’s Names

  • The main heroine must had a foreign name from the beginning. His solution? use Pokemon names. Problem solved lol.
  • Rias came from Gaburias, nuff said.
  • Since Akeno is Queen, she was given the Himejima family name, meaning “Island Princess” (bonus points for being a name of a place in Japan).
  • Koneko is well, from the word of rook/castle (Toujou) and Little cat (Koneko).
  • Hyoudou Issei is pawn, because “Hyoudou” means “regular soldier” and pawns are considered as regular soldiers in chess analogy.
  • Kiba Yuuto means “Horse-Rider” because Knights in chess are symbolized by horses.
  • Asia Argento because Ishibumi knew the Italian actress of the same name lol (as I expected, perhaps he watched the first XXX movie? you know, the one with Vin Diesel), bonus points for Italy being considered a religious center (more like Vatican, but still…)
  • To complement Rias, Sona was created (Sona’s name was a combination from the kanji 蒼那 “ao” and “na” meaning blue, in contrast to Gremory’s red (or crimson, if you prefer).
  • Zenovia and Irina’s name was decided on a whim when Ishibumi spent a fine sunday on a riverbank (HIDENORI, IS THAT YOU? lol).


  • Ishibumi did not give them in the beginning so it’s up to Miyama and his editor to decide the sizes.
  • Rias was not set as having the big Oppai that we love in the beginning as far as volume 1, and Ishibumi even said that he intended Rias’ sizes to be only a bit larger than the common girls in Japan would have. However, he inspected Miyama;’s illustration with big breasts, fell in love with it (he even thought Miyama overdid it), and decided to make Rias to be the Rias with the big oppai we all know and love.
  • Hikasa quips that the girls’ waist sizes are not something real life girls would have, but Ishibumi comments that a man’s dreams allow it to be true. BRAVO AGAIN ISHIBUMI.

Impressions on the heroine’s illustrations.

  • Ishibumi “My impression when I saw the volume 1 illustrations for the first time was “speechless”. On the other hand, recent illustrations had made me became more “severe””.
  • Hikasa, “I thought Rias was the “Onee-san” type character when I first saw and voiced her. However, the childish elements surface gradually as the story progresses.”

In the end

  • Ishibumi encouraged (or pushed, for a better term) Hikasa to stay true with her Rias’ voice role.
  • Hikasa “I feel confident voicing a big breasted-character. Thank you for the author and fans. After Voiced Rias for a long time being in stage with Ishibumi-sensei is new.”
  • Ishibumi, “Thank you. It was fun, I’d like to do it again next time.”

Well here are a few pictures of what was given and displayed at the event featuring DxD below while the rest of the series, complied by samat654 of Reddit, can be viewed here: https://imgur.com/a/ctHxG


Here is the promotional video showed at the event as well as posted on KadokawaAnime YouTube page, thanks Sonan Gremory for the heads up:

Also here are a few videos from YouTube shared of the event from fans and news sites:

Part 1 of the panels over 5 hours, does have commercials as it appears to be a rip from the NicoNico site that broadcast the event on their site and panels main host were the cast of “Saekano: How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend”: (DxD’s panel starts to take place at the 4h:24min mark)

Part 2 of the panels over 2 hours:

More information and pictures will be added here if I found them later. So good weekend till then.

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