Keijo!!!!!!!! Fanservice Review Episode 3

Anon, back to reviewing. I had to have Wiz take over for me last week due to my hectic schedule (you da real MVP, Wiz)! With that said, let’s get on with the review!

(Update from Wizard:  I added some webms at the end of the article plus some thoughts.)

First off, I would like to start with the short intro that will most likely be playing in every episode at the beginning to save the budget to explain the premise of the show thoroughly. It played in the previous episode, but Wiz, didn’t cover it, so I figured I might as well do it to get it out of the way.horriblesubs_keijo_-_03_720p-mkv_000013-399horriblesubs_keijo_-_03_720p-mkv_000016-446 horriblesubs_keijo_-_03_720p-mkv_000016-617 horriblesubs_keijo_-_03_720p-mkv_000016-646 horriblesubs_keijo_-_03_720p-mkv_000016-884 horriblesubs_keijo_-_03_720p-mkv_000016-932 horriblesubs_keijo_-_03_720p-mkv_000017-179 horriblesubs_keijo_-_03_720p-mkv_000017-455 horriblesubs_keijo_-_03_720p-mkv_000017-497 horriblesubs_keijo_-_03_720p-mkv_000017-520 horriblesubs_keijo_-_03_720p-mkv_000017-528 horriblesubs_keijo_-_03_720p-mkv_000017-803 horriblesubs_keijo_-_03_720p-mkv_000017-843 horriblesubs_keijo_-_03_720p-mkv_000018-268andy samberg ew resting bitch face jizz in my pants grosshorriblesubs_keijo_-_03_720p-mkv_000031-163 Having a hooded character just makes me all the more eager to see what she looks like… Now leaving off of the previous episode…horriblesubs_keijo_-_03_720p-mkv_000045-461 No need to cover yourself… there’s only girls in this campus (unless the janitorial staff is male)… horriblesubs_keijo_-_03_720p-mkv_000046-129 horriblesubs_keijo_-_03_720p-mkv_000053-553 Damn, that looks cozy. Now if only we could have seen this scene go farther. Well, beggars can’t be choosers, I suppose.horriblesubs_keijo_-_03_720p-mkv_000108-483 horriblesubs_keijo_-_03_720p-mkv_000115-412 Looks like the instructor has a weak chin [insert Leafy reference here]. horriblesubs_keijo_-_03_720p-mkv_000232-902 Because I wanted to include this image again this pose is too good to pass up.so_goodhorriblesubs_keijo_-_03_720p-mkv_000254-865 A bath scene! But no nudity. Just strategic censors (such as the one below).horriblesubs_keijo_-_03_720p-mkv_000304-057 horriblesubs_keijo_-_03_720p-mkv_000316-457 horriblesubs_keijo_-_03_720p-mkv_000319-034 horriblesubs_keijo_-_03_720p-mkv_000333-587 horriblesubs_keijo_-_03_720p-mkv_000410-750 Panties… I’m sure a certain panties connoisseur we all know can at least appreciate this scene… horriblesubs_keijo_-_03_720p-mkv_000411-750 horriblesubs_keijo_-_03_720p-mkv_000412-334 horriblesubs_keijo_-_03_720p-mkv_000415-881 tumblr_ofd9nu8shy1up5qwko1_1280horriblesubs_keijo_-_03_720p-mkv_000421-009 horriblesubs_keijo_-_03_720p-mkv_000421-843 horriblesubs_keijo_-_03_720p-mkv_000423-470I’m sure that’s enough panties to keep you from spamming  the comment section with negative comments for today at least, right?  Panties fanservice ✅ horriblesubs_keijo_-_03_720p-mkv_000424-268 horriblesubs_keijo_-_03_720p-mkv_000441-340 horriblesubs_keijo_-_03_720p-mkv_000455-544 horriblesubs_keijo_-_03_720p-mkv_000507-648 horriblesubs_keijo_-_03_720p-mkv_000516-784 For those of you that find the nape of the neck sexy (I remember hearing in a manga that in some Asian countries, such as Japan, the nape of the neck is considered alluring).tumblr_ofd9qacodf1up5qwko1_1280horriblesubs_keijo_-_03_720p-mkv_000543-091 Just your usual pressure point techniques alleviating the pain… what else could it possibly be? Don’t tell me you were imagining something lewd? You, sick silly pervert, you…horriblesubs_keijo_-_03_720p-mkv_000615-515 horriblesubs_keijo_-_03_720p-mkv_000644-277 And now we are introduced to one of the elite Keijo players, Rokudou Rin, or RinRin. I’m just going to call her Rin, for simplicity’s sake.horriblesubs_keijo_-_03_720p-mkv_000724-797 horriblesubs_keijo_-_03_720p-mkv_000724-807 horriblesubs_keijo_-_03_720p-mkv_000736-085 And just when we had one character that loved to grope others, along comes Rin. This scene had me excited, and yet left me feeling so disappointed at how the tits lacked any sexiness, instead feeling like plain round balloons. Props given to the girl-on-girl vibes.horriblesubs_keijo_-_03_720p-mkv_000741-585 horriblesubs_keijo_-_03_720p-mkv_000742-586 horriblesubs_keijo_-_03_720p-mkv_000742-948 tumblr_ofd9p9nyfu1up5qwko1_1280 tumblr_ofd9p9nyfu1up5qwko2_1280horriblesubs_keijo_-_03_720p-mkv_000753-639 She’s right, you know. The more the merrier (ehehe)!horriblesubs_keijo_-_03_720p-mkv_000802-439 horriblesubs_keijo_-_03_720p-mkv_001108-131 Look at dem cheek bones. horriblesubs_keijo_-_03_720p-mkv_001108-168 horriblesubs_keijo_-_03_720p-mkv_001115-596 Now we know why BEST GIRL retired from being a Keijo professional. Now if only she had maintained her body properly (on the off-chance that her decline in proper body fitness was the result of a medical condition, I could be mistaken).horriblesubs_keijo_-_03_720p-mkv_001219-609 horriblesubs_keijo_-_03_720p-mkv_001226-922 horriblesubs_keijo_-_03_720p-mkv_001326-721 Y’know, I should go ahead and mention this, but I kind of have a thing for latex, so a suit like this is an instant “yes!’ from me.horriblesubs_keijo_-_03_720p-mkv_001328-609 horriblesubs_keijo_-_03_720p-mkv_001329-017 horriblesubs_keijo_-_03_720p-mkv_001329-849 horriblesubs_keijo_-_03_720p-mkv_001330-350 horriblesubs_keijo_-_03_720p-mkv_001332-352 horriblesubs_keijo_-_03_720p-mkv_001401-339 horriblesubs_keijo_-_03_720p-mkv_001413-560 horriblesubs_keijo_-_03_720p-mkv_001434-830 horriblesubs_keijo_-_03_720p-mkv_001447-982 horriblesubs_keijo_-_03_720p-mkv_001522-256 Time for some HARDCORE training!horriblesubs_keijo_-_03_720p-mkv_001528-970 horriblesubs_keijo_-_03_720p-mkv_001529-052 horriblesubs_keijo_-_03_720p-mkv_001535-685 horriblesubs_keijo_-_03_720p-mkv_001545-443 horriblesubs_keijo_-_03_720p-mkv_001550-329Do it…. just do it… Grasp that booty…horriblesubs_keijo_-_03_720p-mkv_001554-537horriblesubs_keijo_-_03_720p-mkv_001601-796horriblesubs_keijo_-_03_720p-mkv_001617-265Well, we can’t just NOT include the muscular girl. That’s a staple for muscular female lovers. Seriously, she looks like she had the face of a female high school student photo-shopped into the body of a rugby player.horriblesubs_keijo_-_03_720p-mkv_001623-774That certain unnamed panties connoisseur, you better not be complaining. You’re getting what you asked for, since you could care less about any part of the female anatomy. Enjoy!horriblesubs_keijo_-_03_720p-mkv_001629-617horriblesubs_keijo_-_03_720p-mkv_001632-660Looks like Aoba’s got the magic touch.horriblesubs_keijo_-_03_720p-mkv_001632-866horriblesubs_keijo_-_03_720p-mkv_001653-040Another scene that gave me a sense of exhilaration, yet also gave off a sense of disappointment (I’m having my doubts on the show actually showing nipples, though that’s only based on my intuition). horriblesubs_keijo_-_03_720p-mkv_001653-971horriblesubs_keijo_-_03_720p-mkv_001655-389horriblesubs_keijo_-_03_720p-mkv_001704-734horriblesubs_keijo_-_03_720p-mkv_001709-246horriblesubs_keijo_-_03_720p-mkv_001709-861horriblesubs_keijo_-_03_720p-mkv_001712-447Hmmmmmmm… Yes…. Magnificent…..horriblesubs_keijo_-_03_720p-mkv_001729-123horriblesubs_keijo_-_03_720p-mkv_001740-722horriblesubs_keijo_-_03_720p-mkv_001755-199horriblesubs_keijo_-_03_720p-mkv_001818-763horriblesubs_keijo_-_03_720p-mkv_001843-980horriblesubs_keijo_-_03_720p-mkv_001850-995horriblesubs_keijo_-_03_720p-mkv_001856-802horriblesubs_keijo_-_03_720p-mkv_001859-968Dammit, I’m sure even an ass-man like Wiz would have liked to see bare ass here… horriblesubs_keijo_-_03_720p-mkv_001928-967horriblesubs_keijo_-_03_720p-mkv_001930-681horriblesubs_keijo_-_03_720p-mkv_001933-129horriblesubs_keijo_-_03_720p-mkv_001935-799The subs in the caps should explain for me what is about to go down in the next (few) episode(s). I myself am anticipating the next episode.horriblesubs_keijo_-_03_720p-mkv_002011-168horriblesubs_keijo_-_03_720p-mkv_002042-836horriblesubs_keijo_-_03_720p-mkv_002045-706horriblesubs_keijo_-_03_720p-mkv_002120-253horriblesubs_keijo_-_03_720p-mkv_002129-846horriblesubs_keijo_-_03_720p-mkv_002136-622horriblesubs_keijo_-_03_720p-mkv_002145-975Taking the initiative I see… teach that smug molester how faptabulous that ass is your true skills!horriblesubs_keijo_-_03_720p-mkv_002147-859To be continued… but not before a small sneak peek.horriblesubs_keijo_-_03_720p-mkv_002153-311horriblesubs_keijo_-_03_720p-mkv_002158-233horriblesubs_keijo_-_03_720p-mkv_002159-945

horriblesubs_keijo_-_03_720p-mkv_002200-531mtshmdwhorriblesubs_keijo_-_03_720p-mkv_002337-191An exquisite end-card to ameliorate this review(Thanks to No Fap No Life for reminding me to include one of the most important parts of these reviews, don’t know how it slipped my mind)!

While the second episode was not as entertaining as the first episode to me, as well as a portion of the third episode, I am surely looking forward to the next episode. Although this anime can be difficult to consider a sports anime because of the constant fanservice and ecchi, I chose to approach it as one for the most part so that I could enjoy it thoroughly and have the energy to create a review for each episode . I don’t believe (but would be very glad to be proven wrong) that this show will deliver any sort of nudity, even in the BDs, based on the way that it is cast.

I’m still learning to create articles on fapservice, and finding the time to be able to create a review is not easy for me because my schedule can easily change from available to occupied in a matter of a day or two. Moreover, I will most likely be including significantly less verbiage to the future reviews, unless the episode was so good that I felt it necessary to input my commentary into the review (this applies for the memes as well). Nevertheless, I will make an effort to keep up with the fanservice reviews for Keijo, but I may have to ask other writers to cover some reviews if necessary. Creating or updating manga compilations is a possibility for me in the future, but I am still inexperienced with handling those, so I will have to refrain from delving into those too much.

‘Till next week, everyone! Have a wonderful day!



Wizard edit and thoughts:

As promised, here are the webms:

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Overall I thought this episode took the fanservice in a very positive direction, from having curves look strange and mis-shapen for I suppose comical reasons to having curves look sexy. Very nice changes here. Also, there is some exciting potential for nudity here, IF Xebec goes the redraw route like they did for Maken-ki! Two. Hard to say if Xebec will do that though, as the cues for redraws are subtle to the point of wondering if they will happen at all, and the show gives off a mainstream friendly vibe that also concerns me. But still, the fanservice potential of this show went up several notches this episode, and I am loving the production values and art. You can really tell that Xebec put their ace talent on this project.