High School DxD BorN 09 fanservice compilation (TV)

Lots of action and drama.  The nudity is kind of awkward, but overall this was actually a pretty good episode.

DDL:  720p

Staying with recent tradition, a new character has her nipples shown for the first time during an eyecatch.  This time it’s Ophis!  In an anime where every girl’s nipples all look the same, Ophis has these weird furrowed ones… each nipple almost looks like it has it’s own vaginal crease.  It’s pretty weird, but I actually like them.

Story-wise, things get over-dramatic and there is a lot of screaming and needless emotion.  Another bad guy appears and is dispatched almost immediately.  The baddies in this series seem to have less development and shorter life-spans than the villains of Triage X , and that’s saying something.

The characters seem to care more about what’s going on than the audience does, and that’s not a very good thing.  That said, Yoko Hikasa can certainly put real feelings into her performances, which helped these over-dramatized scenes hold just a little bit of muster.

It still feels like we’re seeing too many new characters too soon this season.  It really does feel like they are cramming two seasons worth of content into BorN’s 12 episode run.

The art had some major issues earlier in the series, but this episode looked very good.