Shokugeki no Souma fanservice review episodes 5-7

The foodgasms continue, the plot progresses!

Starting off episode 5 we have a delicious Souma foodgasm.

WWsXMxv And then some glorious  Isshiki-senpai nude apron.LWdVKiF


Next we have a foodgasm from one of the supporting girls


I can’t help but think those buttons were strategically placed.


XxkEJoKNikumi enters the fray

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Episode 6

You can NEVER have enough of his body

C27HWCp cDDS6xkNikumi has some nice nikumis



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Such juicy meat

Episode 7

This episode was just filled with Nikumi.

God bless America


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That’ll be all for this post! Stay tuned for the next 3 eps in a weeks time.

Once again I highly, highly urge you all to pick up this series, be it manga or anime or ever better, both!

You won’t regret it.