High School DxD Hero Fanservice Review Episode 06

The battle concludes allowing the story (and service) to move on.  Rias provides some boobage and Kunou (!) gets an eyecatch.

Starting where last week left off, Rias appears after Issei enacts his “Oppai summon.”  Her new bra just magically comes unfastened and falls off as if the laws of the universe demand Rias’s oppai be shown.


Wow, anyone else getting 7 Sins flashbacks?  Excellent boob and nipple design marred by ridiculous lighting.  You can barely even see the nipples at times.  Nothing a little movie magic can’t handle later I suppose.


Sadly, Elsha bids Issei farewell, at least for now.  I guess one can hope that she randomly appears in a BD special a couple seasons down the line like Grayfia once did.


Wow, Kunou nipples.  Even if it is only an eyecatch, I honestly did not see this coming.  I’ve read some accounts that still place Kunou in Elementary School (6th grade) and others that say first year Junior High (7th grade).  Basically, about the same age roughly as Mikan.

Not that there haven’t been even younger girls shown topless in anime before, but in the past several years there seems to have been an unspoken cutoff point around the age of 14 or so.  Add to this that Kunou was very childlike and innocent in the show, I just figured she would be left out of the harem equation (at least on the anime side of things).  This is an interesting development.

I certainly commend Passione’s courage as even in Japan this is not an easy decision in the current environment.  Will be interesting to see how the US release handles this.


Most of the episode is focused on Issei’s new powers, which basically just amount to a temporary boost in strength/mobility and not much else.  Even when giving Cao Cao his best shot, it’s clear that Issei just isn’t strong enough to win.

Thankfully a plot contrivance appears in the form of one of the five Dragon Kings (Yu-Long) appearing out of nowhere to save the day. Yu-Long is so powerful that he stops Cao Cao’s legendary spear with just one finger.  And it doesn’t even draw blood.


As Issei begins one last ranged attack at Cao Cao, Yu-Long touches Issei’s arm.  This subtly suggests he is empowering Issei’s attack, and the effect is that Cao Cao is caught off guard by its strength and takes damage to his right eye.  Cao Cao is enraged and about to unleash his ultimate weapon before this comrades calm him down and talk him into retreat.  The good guys win, yay.


And here is the sad part of the episode.  Our heroes catch a train to return home right after the battle ends.  Meaning we never get to see that Kyoto bathhouse scene that was teased in previous episodes.  Issei also laments that he should have asked Yasaka to show him her tits in thanks for being rescued.  Which knowing this anime, she very likely would have done.


Our heroes return home, leading to a fun little scene.  Azazel speculates that one day Kunou will be as well endowed as her mother Yasaka, prompting Issei to voice boisterously that he doesn’t have any interest in little girls.  Koneko gut punches Issei on the spot, and is moody for the rest of the scene.

Also in this scene, Issei learns that Ravel will soon be joining the academy to study along with everyone else (yesss).


In the final scene of this episode, we see Sairaorg training as he is approached by an attractive (yet nameless?) woman who informs him of Issei’s growth in power.  More future harem fun?  Let’s hope.





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Overall Thoughts


To be sure, the shonen aspect of this show has been done before- and done better- by countless other anime. Which isn’t to say the shonen aspects are bad here, they are solid.  It’s just, veteran anime fans have seen this play out a million times before and seen it done at really high levels.

With that said, in previous DxD seasons it felt like the show was only pretending to be shonen to act as a cover.  This time, the shonen aspect feels genuine, and actually makes this show watchable even for people who are put off by boobs in anime.

And while I realize the service level of this season is easily below the previous ones, if embracing the normies helps this show go on for many more seasons, then I’ll happily take that trade.  As sad as it is, I think we are in an era now where purist ecchi anime tend to be one and done.  If you want to last, you need at least half your dedicated fanbase to be Type A.

The last three episodes have been pretty dry, which I guess explains why the two episodes before them splurged on service.  Hopefully the next few episodes will do the same before an inevitable plot heavy closure in the final episodes.

I’m still really enjoying these episodes and I like that they seem to be utilizing a greater variety of characters than past seasons did.

There’s still a chance that some of the service scenes we hoped to get but didn’t see will pop up on BD, but as of yet there’s no concrete indication of added scenes or specials on BD just yet.  I really hope we get them because I can already think of a few specials I’d really like to see and the series still has six episodes to go.