Tachibanakan Triangle fanservice review episode 8



Girls fighting over a waifu.


This episode went backwards in the manga. After last week adapted chapter 10 we now go back a chapter and get chapter 9 now instead of going forward.


While everyone is eating Iori uses this time to tell everyone she loves Hanabi causing everyone to be shocked. When Hanabi spills food on herself as a result Iori strips her leading to Hanabi running away. Konomi stops her before she can chase after her telling her not to try anything with Hanabi as Iori reminds her of what Konomi tried to do last week during the metor shower. Iori also mentions that she got advice from Yuu on what to do.

Konomi decides to go to Sonoa for advice after hearing that Iori has gotten help from Yuu. Sonoa agrees to teach Konomi everything she knows so she can try to get Hanabi.

Iori finds Hanabi and attempts to do things with her saying that Yuu told her this is what she is supposed to do. When Hanabi resists she asks if she doesn’t like her then. Before anything can happen or for Hanabi to give a real answer Yoriko appears with food. The food distracts Iori and she leaves. Yoriko then asks Hanabi to help her later with cooking kiss tempura and she agrees to help.

I really have no idea what is going on with the censorship for this show though. This scene was uncensored despite the fact that we have seen similar stuff censored in previous episodes. Last week they censored Konomi’s panty shot yet we see Hanabi with her’s partially pulled down in full view here. Also when Iori rubs her leg between Hanabi’s legs we get to see it this time but when this same thing happened in the closet in a previous episode they darkened it though Hanabi wasn’t wearing panties in that scene so maybe that made a difference. Really odd though how panties are sometimes censored and other times not.

Konomi decides to start putting to use the advice Sonoa gave her and every attempt fails for one reason or another. It is worth noting that this scene is censored compared to the manga when Konomi falls onto Hanabi. Here is the manga page in question and pay attention really close attention to it and you can see that this was being really sneaky.

I was curious how they would handle this scene and it looks like they removed the fan altogether and just used Hanabi’s head to block it. However on the twitter account of the manga creator she mentions this difference and points out that the head was used because of television restrictions. She pointed out that it was similar to the duck censorship which was used back in episode 2. Hard to fully understand it with machine translations but she does seem to imply it might be different on BD by talking about the animator and saying something in a question format to the effect of “Will it be different on disc?” So I guess we will have to wait and see but it does sort of sound like this might be changed when it comes out hopefully.


After talking about Iori for a bit Konomi asks Hanabi if she has ever had a kiss. Hanabi says that she has and if Konomi is curious they could have one together. Konomi interprets this to mean a real kiss and gets ready to kiss her for real this time..

She then discovers that Hanabi wasn’t talking about an actual kiss. Instead she was talking about the kiss fish tempura that Yoriko asked her to help make earlier and that is what Hanabi thought Konomi meant. Realizing this Konomi is disappointed and the episode ends.



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Only 4 episodes left and it is hard to tell what they might do now in terms of which direction they go in the manga. There is still another chapter that was skipped that not only gives some Yoriko service but also functions as an Iori chapter so they might go back some more and do that next. Or they might keep that skipped entirely and move forward possibly into volume 4 next. There are also some bonus chapters that are in the volume releases that they have been skipping so they could use those as well if they wanted. Since they have altered some things already it is also possible we might see an original episode maybe if they plan on keeping this contained to only the first 3 volumes. There are plenty of interesting things in volume 4 including a good nudity opportunity if they want to utilize it so hopefully we do see things go that far into the manga.


Now that 25sai is over and I got my monthly hentai post done I am now given a bunch of time for the rest of the remaining weeks other than doing these posts. Maybe I’ll figure out a manga comp or something to do in the meantime. Summer is going to have a number of potential titles so don’t know if I will be doing multiple shows or not.