High School DxD Hero Fanservice Review Episode 08

Issei narrowly avoids getting laid.

Similar to last week, this week focuses more on setting the stage and less on the mindless service.  Even the service scene this week was story driven.

There is one particularly enjoyable story-centric scene this episode where the Sairaorg and Issei’s teams hold a joint press conference with the media.  The press members start asking Rias and Issei very personal questions about how Issei touches Rias’s breasts, even suggesting Issei suck on them.  Sairaorg then speculates that if Issei were to suck Rias’s breasts, Issei would become more powerful than ever before.  The way that the media takes it so seriously, as well as Rias and Issei’s exasperated reactions, makes it fun.

There’s also a cute scene with Koneko sitting on Issei’s lap.  It doesn’t make up for Koneko’s lack of service, but it was a cute scene all the same.



Rias ambushes Issei in the sauna.  This time though, she is not messing around and it’s pretty clear that her intention is to obliterate Issei’s V-card (and presumably, her own).  However, it seems Rias has ulterior motives beyond just crazy sauna sex.  She wants Issei to acknowledge her as a woman, not as Class President.  Of course, Issei is totally dense and keeps calling her president even as they are getting dangerously intimate.

Naturally, Rias huffs off because of course they’ll never have actual sex in a show like this.  Still, we got some amazing stitches and pans during this scene.  It was short but definitely did not lack for hotness.  If only every girl got a 1 on 1 scene like this.




And that’s pretty much it this week.  Way to blow it Issei.  For good measure, he blows his chance for a makeup later too.





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Overall thoughts


The sauna scene was pretty hot, definitely up there with the better scenes in the series, but still… it would be nice if the series got a little more aggressive with the fanservice.  There’s generally about one brief nude scene per episode, but outside of those scenes the service tends to be very mild this season.

While there’s almost as much nudity as we’re used to (and the quality of it is quite nice), the amount of non-nude service has plummeted.  There’s very little in the way of ass shots, panty shots, cleavage, hips, etc compared to most ecchi shows.

It seems pretty likely at this point that we’ll see more DxD seasons by Passione so I hope next time they find ways to pack more service in.  Especially since the service they do go for has tended to be pretty good.