Tachibanakan Triangle fanservice review episode 10



Hotsprings harem time.


Looks like they skipped the next chapter and instead went into chapter 13 for this episode. On the plus side this episode probably has the most amount of service so far and does leave things open for some BD changes hopefully.


Everyone has gone to a hotspring for the day and when Konomi sees how Hanabi is dressed she asks to take a bath together later. This leads to Iori wanting to take one with Hanabi as well leading to the two of them fighting. Yuu then suggests to decide on who gets Hanabi with a game of ping pong.

Yuu tells them the rules are that each point results in a member of the other team losing a piece of clothing until the loser is the one stripped naked. The teams will be Iori and Sonoa and Konomi and Yoriko with the prize being Hanabi. Interestingly in the manga the team was Konomi and Hanabi so they actually changed it here in order to give Yoriko service.


Eventually things get tied with each character having removed their underwear due to the fact that none of them are wearing a bra which means the next point will be the winner. The scene with Konomi taking her’s off is censored despite the fact that all the other character’s weren’t. This has happened in multiple episodes now leading me to think it is only Konomi whom gets censored for some reason as everyone else seems to be fine. Here is a pic of the manga page for comparison.

Konomi butt not allowed.

Yoriko best girl.

Yoriko uses a fast hit but Iori is able to counter it and hit it back scoring the final point so that her team wins. Everyone then decides now that things have been settled they will head into the hot spring.

The main important thing here is the scene in which everyone is in the water. In the manga the steam is still there but if you look really close you can kind of see the outline of nipples underneath (particularly on Iori). Here it is for comparison.

The big question is will they change this for BD. If they do we could end up getting something really nice here.

Hanabi gets to the hot spring where everyone is and gets ready for Iori to wash her back since she won the ping pong contest. Iori sees Hanabi is nervous and tell her she doesn’t need to do it but she wants her to go to the summer festival with her instead as a replacement prize. The episode then ends with Konomi hearing it and thinking about what to do.



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This episode skipped over the Yuu and Yoriko chapter which would had given us some service of them but I guess that is why they changed this chapter to include Yoriko in the contest to give service of her there to make up for it. Kind of a shame this show is a short because it would had been really nice for them to had extended the hotspring scene and give us some anime original service there in particular using this chance to give nudity of everyone. Will be interesting to see what the BD does with that one scene though that was shown. Based on the way this episode ends I assume we might be going backwards some chapters. I mentioned it a few weeks ago but there was an Iori chapter that they skipped before and it does involve a festival type situation. So I am going to assume they might go back and be covering that chapter for next week.

They really need to give more service towards Yoriko in this show. I really would like it if in the final episode they do make it anime original and just get everyone naked for no real reason but that is probably wishful thinking. Unfortunately there is nothing extra on BD either which I really wish had been a hotsprings special instead of having it be a standard episode because of the possibilities a BD hotspring episode would give.