High School DxD Hero Fanservice Review Episode 10

This episode focuses on battles, but does manage to work in a fun little strip tease as well.

There’s a whopping five battles in this episode.  Koneko gives a nice butt shot in her battle:


But no doubt, the main attraction was Issei’s duel versus Sairaorg’s bishop (Coriana Andrealphus) who hits him with stripper-no-jutsu.


Surprise buttsecks.

Issei is under her spell, but still blows up in rage when she tries to remove her panties  before her top.  Issei pew pews and wins the match.


This is about as close as we get to service in Xenovia’s battle.


Akeno is the Queen piece, and yet she always seems to get defeated with incredible ease every season.  Here she is defeated in record time.


Serafall gets the eyecatch this week, and it actually looks a bit like her this time.





webm album


Overall thoughts


No nipples this episode (other than the eyecatch).  But the striptease was pretty nice.  Seriously, there needs to be more stripping in ecchi.

The battles were pretty meh as per usual with DxD, but at least this episode got five (!) battles out of the way.  You’d hope these battles are all wrapped up with some time to spare for some service scenes in the end, and the pacing in this episode kept that possibility in play.