Tachibanakan Triangle fanservice review episode 12


Ending confession time.


We have now reached the final episode and it finishes off the rest of chapter 7. Slightly more service than the previous episode but considering the previous episode was empty that isn’t that much of an improvement since it is only a very small amount.


Starting from the previous episode Hanabi and Iori have went somewhere to get out of the rain. While waiting Hanabi thinks about when she saw Konomi just now and asks Iori why she wanted to go with her to the festival. Iori thinks back to how Yoriko asked her the same question and her answer to her. Iori tells Hanabi that she likes her and wants to be with her. Before Hanabi can figure out what she means the fireworks start to distract them.

They see that the rain didn’t cancel the fireworks so Hanabi grabs Iori and they head to a hill to get a better view. While watching the fireworks Iori takes out two wish slips so that they can write their wishes on them. Hanabi remembers when she and Konomi did the same thing when younger and asks Iori about her childhood. Iori tells her she doesn’t remember and it was nothing special. Clearly this wasn’t just an excuse for the creator to be lazy and not have to create a backstory for her.

Hanabi tells Iori that if she doesn’t have memories they can make some at the tachibanakan. This makes Iori remember when she first met Hanabi and what she told Yoriko earlier about why she wanted to go with Hanabi and Yoriko told her that it sounded like she was in love with Hanabi. Also some censorship during this part on the naked shot of when Hanabi and Iori first met which is a slightly different scene from that actual episode. This flashback didn’t occur in the manga so I guess you could consider this a very small amount of anime original service.

Hanabi suggests taking a picture with Iori’s camera that they used earlier. As Iori takes the picture she kisses Hanabi. She then tells Hanabi how she wants to make this a special memory as well and gets ready to kiss her some more just as they get stopped by Yuu and Konomi after they came looking for them.

Yuu tells them that she met up with Konomi and they can all go home together. Hanabi tells Iori they should hang up their wish slips and head home and they do. After getting back Iori tells Hanabi they should take a bath together as Konomi yells at her for trying to keep Hanabi to herself all day as they fight over her (hence the show being called triangle). And with that the episode and show ends.



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Kind of an odd way to end the show by going backwards and ending it on a previous chapter.. So the whole thing was sort of strange considering chronologically we have seen chapters after this one. In particular the chapter with the date with Konomi takes place after this at chapter 10 so by doing things in this order they make it seem like Iori “won” by being second to get a date and ending the show on it thus overwriting Konomi’s rather than being first and overwritten by her’s instead. Guess you can’t really expect a conclusive ending from a show like this though so they just created an ending based on what the staff must had wanted by ending it on a chapter that makes it seem like whom they wanted to win got it.

As for the show itself it was a shame this wasn’t a full length show instead of a short as there was certainly enough chapters and content for them to had made this into 12 full length episodes. Plus there was a bunch of service they had to skip as a result of needing to speed through with only 5 minutes. Wish they would had added a bunch of service to these last two episodes though since these were probably the tamest final two in the show and they had previously added service to scenes that didn’t have any before so I was hoping they would had did that here as well and went all out for the ending.

The BD comes out next month and they did confirm back on twitter when the show first started that the various forms of censorship used in the show would be removed when it comes out. As for if there will be anything significant behind that censorship is still up in the air but the manga does have partial nipples and ones that can be seen through clothing so anything is possible on BD. Guess we will have to wait a month to know how much or little the show ends up delivering when it comes to nudity.

Normally I never would had covered this show but since the r18 show of spring was that prison show that I wasn’t going to touch that gave me some free time to do something else. Since I have become so used to doing 5 minute shows I ended up doing this as a replacement for the r18 ones. Why couldn’t this had been the r18 anime of the season instead. That easily would had made this the best show of spring. At least the r18 show for summer looks to be good so there is that to do next. Plus I’m going to be doing Isekai also.