Himegami takes center stage in Maken-Ki! Two volume four

Maken-ki! Two vol. 4 (95)

Awwww yeahhh.


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 Once again, credit to Japanese blogger nylon66.  He also included some of the colored manga scans that came with the blu-ray:


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I can’t say the Ladies versus Butlers / Kanokon art-style has ever been particularly welcome in the specials, least of all here with Himegami.  That doesn’t seem to be enough to derail what looks to be a very sexy fanservice extra.

Keeping in tradition with the manga and the first season, a disproportionate amount of focus is placed on Himegami’s surprisingly thick backside.  Himegami is a bit unique as a lolicon character in this regard, which is why she is one of my favorites for her archetype.

As far as the episode changes, they look quite nice.  Previous volumes always had imperfections with the uncensored scenes.  The group showers in volume two looked great, but were only still photos.  The Haruko bath scene in volume three was very sexy, but was unfortunately held back by the Ladies versus Butlers art style that they swapped to suddenly for no apparent reason.

This time, none of that nonsense.  We get Himegami’s shower scene and the Haruko/Inaho scene uncensored with no strings attached.  Some of the non-nude changes were pretty sexy as well.

Looking ahead, the fifth and final volume will apparently feature Azuki.  This is the least surprising outcome, though I was holding out hope for Chacha, Minori, Furan, Kimi, or especially Celia, who was nearly 100% absent from the second season despite being one of the sexier characters.