Strike the Blood volume six comes through in the clutch


Strike the Blood worried us some by missing opportunities in volumes two through five.  Volume six was put up or shut up time, and this time, they delivered.


strike-the-blood-vol.6-001 strike-the-blood-vol.6-002 strike-the-blood-vol.6-003 strike-the-blood-vol.6-003-adjusted


The nipples are a bit misty, so I worked a bit of movie magic with Sony Vegas on the last pic.

Though the anime itself was cliched and generic, I still found it very likable as a series anyway and it’s not very often you see art and production value levels at this level for a nude-ecchi anime in recent times.  Previous to this the only nudity had been a braless wet shirt moment, which barely counts.  It’s nice to see we won’t have to put an asterisk next to this series anymore for nude content.

It’s worth mentioning that this series was co-produced by SILVER LINK (alongside CONNECT).  SILVER LINK has generally made a name for itself with casual non-nude fanservice in most of their deservedly popular productions, but this series as well as OniAi  prove they are capable of going for nudity when they feel up for it.

Unfortunately, all I have to go off of right now are a small handful of screen shots from seventhstyle.  If anyone knows a more complete comparison source I’ll update this post with those images.