HxH characters set aside differences, join in onsen fun in 6th Special

Not since Juuden-chan has their been an onsen special quite as expansive as this one, as pretty much every character from the series bares all here, including several for the first time.

As always, credit to nylon66 for the images.  (The first three images are redraws from episodes 11-12, the rest are from the 6th special.)


One of my critiques of this series prior to now was that too much of the nudity was partially obscured or was too quick to leave view.  Additionally, several hotties were neglected any nude scenes at all, which always feels like a transgression when watching a series like this that has little value outside of being fap material.  The last special really helps remedy these issues.  Pretty much every character gets some frontal exposure here, including even the most of the minor characters for whom nude scenes were not expected.

While HxH doesn’t quite do enough to reach “God tier” status for its service, I generally think it did enough to avoid being a disappointment.  Sales of this series were mediocre and a sequel seems unlikely, but hopefully there is still another nude ecchi series left in the tank for Production IMS, who always seems to have a lot of fun producing these, even if the production values are limited.

As far as a compilation goes, there’s no telling when the BDs will be out… probably soon enough.  In the meantime, I hope to finish up the original TV compilation and release it here later this week.