Fight Ippatsu! Juuden-chan!!

Nipples, camel toe, giant plugs, and lots of piss!

Fight Ippatsu! Juuden-chan!! is a 2009 anime adapted from a manga by Bow Ditama (Kiss x Piss Sis). It was produced by Studio Hibari, and released on Blu-Ray last year by Media Blasters under the title Juden Chan: Recharged (RightStuf/Amazon). Thanks NoxBasket for bringing this show up on my radar.

The plot is about these “charger girls” from a parallel dimension who use giant plugs to literally recharge people who are feeling down. It’s a wholesome premise packed with a lot of unwholesome service.

Here are some highlights.

You were expecting butt plugs, weren’t you?

This show has some of the best asses I’ve seen in an anime.

This chick is nuts.

Kawaii overload.


The asses in this show…

During the first half, this dude was insufferable.

Why, though?

One of my personal favorites. Such a tight, athletic figure.

There’s a lot of this.


Love piss? This show has you covered.

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