Seiren Fanservice Review Episodes 7&8

Dat Bunny!

It’s time for another route closure in, Seiren. The previous route ending left many feeling uncertain but, have no fear this time we’re given a proper ending. Kamita, steps up his game and asks Tooru out on a date. Tooru, readily agrees but, first Kamita must go to ComiMa with her. After the events of their ComiMa sales the romance begins. Kamita, confesses that he loves Tooru. However, Tooru is not quite ready, yet she still wants Kamita to continue to chase after her. Well, Kamita follows through and we’re given a successful family ending 10 years down the line. Our MC has at least confirmed sex once! Overall, an excellent and heartwarming ending. I’m glad to see Kamita found true happiness in this route.

If you viewed Seiren last post then you saw a good bit of bunny butt. Well, they took it up another notch. They really wanted to show off Tooru as a bunny girl and with a heavy focus on her ass. I’m talking hands on wall and a leg spread! I must say fantastic bunny service. I did not see Seiren going quite this far with it. Our MC made sure to make it even lewder by being himself. A true pervert to the core that, Kamita. On the side we also had Kamita’s sister, Moe, cosplaying. Her cosplay was bikini based with some mecha decorations on top. Finally, we had the romance scene between Kamita and Tooru. A fan of hickeys? Well, Tooru sure is! She gives a nice loving one right upon Kamita’s Adams Apple. Lastly, we’re given a passion filled kiss upon the lips. And thus the deal was sealed! That’s it for this route of, Seiren!

Episode 7 caps and stitches.

It was all but confirmed after this scene.


Episode 8 caps and stitches.


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Next post will feature another reset. Same MC but, a new female heroine will be introduced. This time it will be a cute underclassman.  Only time will tell how she matches up against our first 2 contenders.