Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku o! 2 Episode 7 TV Fanservice Review

Onsen! No? Why?

They mentioned onsen in the early part of the episode and we waited with bated breath, but we never got there. I guess we will have to wait for another week then. They say good things come to those who are patient and wait right?

This week, Vanir pays the gang a visit and makes an offer none of them could resist, sell their intellectual property rights for a one-off lump sum of 3 million eris or maintaining a profit-sharing covenant of 1 million eris a month. Kazuma and Aqua then start to exhibit nouveau riche demeanor whilst deeming adventuring no longer necessary.

Fearing that adventuring might never happen again, Megumin proposes that everyone hit the hot springs to heal Kazuma’s neck injuries. Before commencing the journey, Kazuma picks up Wiz at her shop and the group set off in a wagon alongside a baby red dragon as their companion. All of a sudden, a stampede of Running Kite Hawks approaches them at lightning speed. The cause? Darkness’s adamantine armor.

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So once again great work from Konosuba, scoring so well in the voice acting, writing as well as humor. The ability to engender constant laughter with such fun characters is what makes Konosuba so good and interesting to watch, which is why I was exhilarated when it got a second season.

Megumin was so lovely when she was worried and was trying so hard to convince Kazuma and Aqua to snap out of their laid back attitude.

Aqua and Kazuma’s bickering and the rock paper scissors was golden as usual.

I also loved it when Darkness adopted a serious tone all of a sudden, telling Kazuma that her muscles are not hard, trying to convey the message that she’s soft?

We can’t forget about poor Yunyun now can we? Is she gonna be forever alone? Let’s hope she somehow finds her way to join them at the onsen next week!