Masamune-kun no Revenge Fanservice Review Episodes 7&8

I got ice in my veins, blood in my eyes, hate in my heart, but love on my mind.

Big happenings in both episodes 7 and 8 of, Masamune-kun no Revenge! This post covered chapters 13-16 with a bit of 17. Anyhow, episode 7 is do or die time for our MC. Yoshino, threatens to spill the beans to Aki if Makabe doesn’t square up on their beach vacation. Makabe, dares to make a bold move and admits in front of his fellow peers and the Adagaki family secretary that he’s Aki’s boyfriend. Aki, not willing to lose face accepts this for now. Makabe, wins big points this time around. Thus, the whole gang has a fun and a spooky summer beach vacation. Yoshino, admits Makabe did will and is willing to continue on helping him with his plan for revenge. Moreover, we had major action in episode 8. Neko, is not willing to back down just yet. You’ll see while scrolling down just how far she’s willing to go. However, this romance is a crime. Major consequences are to follow after the events of this bad romance.

Three major service scenes and the introduction of a new character provide the bulk of service this time around. Firstly, we’re presented with, Midori Yuisaki, a busty secretary who’s got a boob window to show to the world! She’s even kind enough to give us a much need pantsu shot. Moving forward we had a beach episode! Now, while I’m normally excited for an anime beach episode this one left me desiring a lot more. We mainly see the characters just in stills upon the beach. Even Gabriel Dropout did a lot more with their beach episode. Next, we had a major romance scene between Makabe and Neko. Things got heated upon Neko’s bed. Neko, goes for the kill and lands a daring kiss upon, Makabe. Although a lovely scene at face value there’s a lot more going on here than meets the eye. Finally, we had a pool scene. Sadly, it encountered the same problems with the beach episode. Just a bunch of stills but, a few good shoots nonetheless.


Episode 7 caps and stitches.

When the group is looking smug!


Episode 8 caps and stitches.


WebM section.
















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More drama rolling out with the next post and big reveals too!