Hyakuren no Haou to Seiyaku no Valkyria Episode 04-05 Fanservice Review

After Yuuto expresses his feelings for a girl in the real world, Linnea is persistent to win him over anyway.

Episode 4 Review:

This episode took a surprisingly deep turn in the story. The soundtrack accompanying the scene where Yuuto explains his “secret” powers of technology from the future and confesses his love for Mizuki back in the real world helped make the scene just incredible. Watching this heartfelt exchange made me feel like I was watching something that was very well thought out. I loved it. But, aside from that, I’ll just share the fanservice with a little commentary here and there.

Starts out with Linnea dreaming about having a romance with Yuuto.

…as you can see.

It’s Linnea’s beautiful back. Look at how smooth her shoulders are…is this foreshadowing?


WebM here (it’s tough to see the play button)

Linnea thinking, “If I just believe…my dreams can come true!”

Me thinking, “I hope your dreams keep coming true!”

When Yuuto finishes confessing his love for Mizuki (the girl in the pajamas from episode 1), he pats Linnea calmly on the head, hoping that’s a good way to reject her nicely. Here’s her reaction.

She won’t back down! Until…

They are rudely interrupted. Eh. We’ll get more fanservice later.

Twin eyecatch.

So kyuuuute!!

Alright, alright. For those of you who wish there was more of the twins, I wish so too, but they’re usually presented flat as a board and they usually don’t do anything sexual. That might change in the future though…

Episode 5 Review:

As always, the opening sequence for this show has heavy doses of fanservice. The rest of the episode doesn’t have that much, but I really liked these shots of Siegrune and I hope you will too!

By the way, you’ll notice there’s no eyecatch. That’s because it’s of a guy.

Here’s the opening sequence:

A mysterious girl jumping/falling.


May I point out something kind of funny? In the WebM below, the horses don’t even budge from the force of the attacks of their riders. They don’t even inch until the last frames. I just found this funny.


That was it for this week’s Hyakuren review! Thanks for reading and be sure to check back next week for episode 6. Let’s just say it gets hot and steamy. It’ll need a review of its own. I hope you guys have a great week! Until next time!