Yuragi-sou no Yuuna-san Fanservice Review Episode 07

Yuuna is taken unwillingly as a bride-to-be by a powerful dragon god.  Kogarashi, Sagiri, and Koyuzu head to the dragon god world to try and rescue her.

The nude service comes right at the start this week, another Yuuna waking up scene:


The dragon god is misled to believe that Kogarashi and Yuuna are having sex several times a night, leading to the imagined images below.



Through the dragon god’s magic, Yuuna is made to wear several sexy outfits:


Our heroes show up to save Yuuna.  Sagiri wears a skin tight outfit with visible nipple bumps.


The teaser for last week suggested only one chapter (“The Disappearance of Yuuna”) would be adapted, but we got “Yuuna’s Seven Transformations” added this week as well.


Next episode teaser

Up next:  Oboro Stops at Nothing

It’s likely that the chapter “Sagiri-san Qualifies” will be included next week as well.




(webm albums aren’t working right now for some reason.  I’ll link later if able)


Nipple sightings in relevant source material chapters:



Overall Thoughts:


There was a noticeable jump in production values this week, especially the scene where Genshiro takes Yuuna through a portal into his world.

I was surprised how fast the episode flew by.  It felt like a ten minute episode, and that’s usually a good thing when an episode feels shorter than it really was.

There was a relative lack of nudity this week, but the jiggle factor was a lot better than usual which helped make up for it.