Isekai Maou to Shoukan Shoujo no Dorei Majutsu fanservice review episode 8


After battle lewdness.


Mainly a story focused episode this week but we do get some decent service of Sylvie near the end. Prior to that there is nothing else unless you like sword fights and explosions as service.


Continuing from before Diablo gets ready to fight the hydra that Keera had summoned. After looking at it he realizes this is something that was never in the game and that it is possible stuff from the game is in this world but also there may be things unique to it as well. After hitting it with a spell he discovers it can regenerate itself faster than it should be able too and attacking it won’t work.

After the hydra heals and attacks back, Diablo realizes that it uses elemental attacks and that means his reflection ring won’t work on it. He also worries about it having more skills than anything in the game should and starts to think this world is just a place that resembles the game but doesn’t function the same way. Shera tells him that the only way to beat it is to destroy it’s core but the core moves all around it’s body making it impossible to find. As a result Diablo runs under it and uses a spell to attack it’s whole body to ensure he damages the core regardless of where it is. As a result the hydra explodes after having the core destroyed.

Having beat the hydra Diablo gets ready to kill Kerra till Shera stops him. Shera pulls the “muh family” bullshit completely ignoring the fact that he wanted to rape and kill her 5 minutes ago and so Diablo has to let him go as he runs off.

By that entrance alone I want a spinoff with Chester as the main character. As someone who’s favorite character in fma was Bradley and with Chester reminding me of him that makes the fact that he is about to be treated as a villain annoying.

As Keera runs away Chester and his knights appear having been watching the whole time but invisible. Chester kills Keera by slicing off his head and doing what should had been done in the first place.

Seriously why can’t Chester be the main character now?

Chester tells everyone that they are currently at war and that Keera got what he deserved for threatening them. He then orders his troops to kill all the remaining troops and to capture Shera and kill anyone stopping them. When Diablo gets ready to interfere Chester puts a sealing spell on him that Diablo doesn’t recognize to stop him. Alicia then tries to stop him herself believing it to be wrong for him to do this. Chester then shows how fast he is by destroying her weapon. Diablo then realizes how high of a level he must be and has to be over 100 to be that fast.

Really though he did nothing wrong. The show of course is going to portray him as evil even though everything he did was justified. There isn’t even a reason for them to fight except for the taking Shera thing. That isn’t even the reason they want to fight him the issue they seem to take is with his decision to kill the remaining troops. Just take Shera and run or strike a deal with him to let you keep Shera while he takes credit for stopping the eleven army. Its not that hard and would save all the unneeded trouble.

While Diablo is in the magic barrier he remembers what he learned back at the slave market with Shera’s collar and uses that knowledge to find the weak point in the barrier and is able to destroy it. With him free Chester decides he has no choice but to fight him himself.

Diablo is unable to get any distance from him because of his speed but uses a mine trap instead which is able to damage Chester. Diablo thinks back to how he spent all his time researching these tactics in the game so he could handle opponents like this and so he starts using more of the mines in order to fight against him.

After Chester steps on another mine Diablo uses a freeze spell only for Chester to break out of it and attack before he can react after his last spell’s cooldown. Diablo is able to use an attack at the last second though and beats Chester.

Chester is still able move but can no longer fight so Diablo threatens him instead of killing him in order to convince him not to come after them later. Chester then gets up and leaves with his troops. Kind of a waste not to get him as a party member. If you fight someone that strong and beat them then with the right words you could had got him to at least be an ally of some sort.

Afterward Rem gets potions from Diablo to use on the elves that were injured. Meanwhile Shera cries over her rapist brother (whom was willing to destroy the world if he couldn’t rape her) being killed because this episode wants to established the main characters as being the most irrational ones in the show I guess.

Days afterward Alicia goes back to the capital to report on what happened while the others go off to do their own thing. Diablo stays in his room unmotivated because of using so much magic when fighting Chester and also depressed that they didn’t get the quest reward money since Chester was the client. You would think he would be more concerned over the fact that he had trouble fighting a normal human and if he had issues with that shouldn’t he be more concerned about what the demon lord would be like then. As he is laying down Sylvie comes in with a drink to help him get better that functions like alcohol as well.

Did you see that Zach it said FK in the coffee.

Diablo decides to drink it figuring that since there was no drunk status in the game he should be fine. After drinking a cup of it though he becomes drunk and mistakes Sylvie for a hug pillow and grabs her. The next scene does have some light beams and cropping in the normal version compared to atx.

Diablo grabs onto Sylvie while drunk and ends up taking off her clothes before fingering her unknowingly. This scene actually has me wondering a few things. For starters the scene in which it pans up after she has had her clothes taken off doesn’t seem to pan all the way up. As you can see in the stitch and webm of it I made it doesn’t show the whole body but here is the thing in the scene itself you can see that they drew her whole body as the scene transitions into the next by going transparent and you can see the pan continue on up before fading away completely when turning transparent.

Now mind you there is nothing up there other than her face and such but it really makes me wonder if maybe this scene goes by faster or has some other edit to it. Like I said it is just a minor thing that they don’t let us see the whole pan when they clearly drew it but the fact that there is something odd like that makes me hope maybe this scene will be changed on BD to remove the clothing during the pan. Not getting my hopes up but at least it gives maybe some hope. Also during the part when Diablo fingers her we don’t get a scene showing as much as the manga did. The manga actually gives us a fully nude though barbie doll nudity of her when she reacts to it as opposed to the anime just having her head go back. For reference here are the two pages of that part.

The manga probably could be argued gave more service during this part and showed more skin. Would be nice if the did something with this on BD but the lack of any kind of talk by the company about it makes me think the chances are low but can always hope. Afterwards Diablo falls asleep while still holding onto Sylvie and the episode ends.

Also something else to point out that I didn’t mention last week but there is actually another new change this week as well so it fits. The ED credits had a change starting last week in which Shera no longer has underwear on and Rem no longer has her top. This week also adds Sylvie to the credits as well.

Its possible we might see similar changes occur in the remaining episodes also for the other characters too.



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Happens occasionally but this is one of those times in which a show does something that has me wanting the “villain” to win. It’s not like Chester went starting the fight first the fight was started by the elves. Just think of all the catgirls back in his town that would be raped and killed by the elves if they invaded. He was justified in wanting to kill all of their army for the foolish act of challenging his town let alone once they summoned a monster that could destroy the entire world eliminating them would be necessary to ensure they didn’t try it again. Anyway though this episode was mainly fights it still gave some service for a character we have yet to get any of so that was a plus. Not expecting anything on BD but there was at least a part of it that could be changed if they decide to give us something though.

One annoying thing is that they are rushing the story and as a result they have to tell you things rather than show them. Sure it’s not a major thing but there were scenes in the manga with Alicia leaving and stuff with Shera and Rem that just got summed up in a narration here instead. Next week should presumably cover a naked bathing in the lake scene with Shera and Rem so we should get some decent service for next week as well. That scene will be interesting much like the one this week since the very nature of it does give nudity potential for BD. In the manga version their naked bodies are covered by hair and such blocking anything but maybe the anime will do things differently. Will be worth seeing how they do the scene and if they leave any suspicious parts in it that could indicate any nudity.

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