Sunohara-sou no Kanrinin-san Episode 8 Fanservice Review

When you’re attacked by a milf… and social services are at least 5 minutes away.

We have already come to the final 5 episodes it would seem. We’ve got the oddest of nipple bumps and a best girl in Ayaka, but I can’t really see this show getting any ballsier than episodes 1 and 6. I will give the show credit however for doing different things each episode.

Let’s begin.

Nana gets an alternate costume, much better than her previous one which fell under the label of “hooker”.

Things move forward quickly from wrestling moves to ear cleaning… ear cleaning being one of those japanese tropes that I honestly don’t understand at all. Why you’d want your girl to even SEE your ear wax let alone clean it out herself just baffles me. It seems about as ingrained in their lexicon as tentacles.

Oh shit an eclipse!


Moving on from the niche fetishes…

Seems like this episode will entail yukatas and fireworks.

Fortunately/Unfortunately for us Aya’s juggs may be too superior to fit in a Kimono…. but I’m sure she will try…..


Salacious Sisters Search for Shota

In a moment of weakness (or perhaps he didn’t want to tongue a tentacle on the left there), Aki runs away from his moment of destiny like a bitch.

Good thing Best girl is always on the case to make him nut up.


Sadly, that’s the end..  Bonus illustration again proving they know nipples are at least a thing…


Overall rating: Abysmal 1/2

Nothing to even tempt a jolly rustle in my pants area, cute story every week, but god damn this was nothing this week… next week’s preview has Nana wearing a bikini looks like, so hopefully things pick up.

It’s making me long for just a few weeks ago when I didn’t think we’d get diddly but was surprised multiple times with anatomical perfection.




Until next time.

I’ll be playing mahjong with perversion.



* I know this is out of character for everyone’s favorite psycho-pedophile joker