Joshiochi! 2-kai kara Onna no Ko ga Kudattekita fanservice review episode 8

Getting lewd at the beach.


So this is going to be a bit different due to the fact that subs have yet to appear yet. Normally in this situation I would just wait until the subs came out but due to the schedule of this season that isn’t possible. The next three days are used for caretaker, isekai, and yuuna so the earliest I could post this if not today would be sunday if I wait for subs and I don’t want to wait till then since I want this posted before the next and final episode comes out. With that said I won’t be able to describe the story much here and will have to guess on it. When subs do get uploaded I’ll just update this to include actual descriptions later but for the time being just going to have to make do with the raw. Update:subs finally so I can at least edit some descriptions into the post.

With that said this episode gives 2 minutes of content in the r18 version so they are continuing with keeping things consistant in terms of extra length.


The girls play rock,paper, scissors to decide whom gets to share a float in the water with Sosuke. The following scene relies on some water blur and cropping as well as some skipping in the standard version during certain parts. The r18 version of course shows it in full.

Yuzu wins and as a result gets to go into the water with Sosuke while Sunao and Yuki are left together. While in the inner tube Yuzu takes part of her top off and wants to do stuff with Sosuke. He turns her down saying he doesn’t want to have that kind of relationship with her but she doesn’t take no for an answer and starts doing stuff on her own while Sosuke has no choice but to do what she says so she stops. While they are submerged underwater they use this to hide what they are doing from the others but Sunao gets suspicious and swims over resulting in them stopping.

Later when Sosuke goes into the cabin to talk with Sunao she tells him she knows about what was going on in the ocean. He tells her he didn’t do what she thinks with Yuzu as Sunao tells him how she does want to lose him to anyone. Sosuke calls her cute when she acts that way which makes her embarrassed as he makes up a nickname for her. She then asks for them to do stuff and at this point is when it cuts off for the standard version while the r18 version gives the following…

The r18 content ends here with both versions joining up at this point.

After getting dressed Sunao asks Sosuke to continue calling her the nickname he did before and he agrees making her happy. As they leave they run into Yuki whom jokes about knowing what they were doing in there causing them to panic thinking she knew for real. She then tells them they should head to the showers to clean off from the beach and head home. And with that the episode ends.



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Kind of a pain that so close to the end we start having delayed sub issues. Then again not once have any of these r18 shows not had a case of delayed or bad subs occurring at some point. Guess it is just a curse we will have to deal with for all of these shows. As for the show itself we are now at the very end for next week. I’m going to assume next week will be when we get a sex scene with Yuki to serve as the “final battle” of sorts. Considering how well this show has handled extra content I do wonder what they might do next week for the ending. So far this show has did what none of the other r18 shows have done and have made 2 minutes the standard for extra content in the r18 version so it would be nice to see them surpass that for the final episode and give us a huge amount.

Looking at the chapter that is next there are two Yuki scenes coming up with her sex scene being one of them so at least one of those will be next week. We have been seeing the extra time split among two different scenes these past few weeks so they might include both or will just spend it all on the Yuki sex scene. Though I doubt it will happen I would love to see them have a foursome added in just to give it an anime original ending but that would probably be too good to be true.

Hopefully next week the subs aren’t delayed again so this can be posted normally. If they are delayed again I will just wait till they are posted before doing the final post since there won’t be an issue of needing to get that episode posted before the next comes out. Like I said though I plan on updating this with more descriptions of the story after subs finally come out so if you want to see that check back sometime later.

I think I ranted about this before but doing sexual stuff in water in hentai is always annoying. Can’t see shit most the time because of the water and it just never sits right with me. Just think how much salt water she got in her vagina doing that in the ocean. Even worse do you know how many fish poop in that water not to mention people? You are putting whale, shark, and mermaid poo into your orifices by doing that in the ocean. Imagine fucking on top a mound of shit that is what you are doing. This is why I don’t like beaches it is the earth’s litterbox and toilet and people play in it. Get the fuck out and do something else like play at the arcade on the boardwalk instead. Or fuck in an arcade if it is hentai since that would work and the true best girls play videogames so it works perfectly.