Hyakuren no Haou to Seiyaku no Valkyria Episode 06 Fanservice Review

Who knew ruling nations came with so many benefits?

During the opening scene, we meet Yuuto and Ingrid in the weapon workshop. On this first platter of service, we get to see more of Ingrid, the sassy orange-head. The show makes it seem as if Yuuto is guiding Ingrid through a weapon-making process, but it doesn’t make sense because Yuuto doesn’t know anything without looking it up on his smartphone. It’s dumb, but I appreciate the service.

This is what actually happens.

And this is what Ingrid fantasizes about.

Whoa! Who the hell is this ugly dude!?

Hold on, hold on. He’s the subject who is responsible for the great fanservice in this episode. He makes the suggestion that Yuuto should get some time off since he’s been working so hard to protect the Wolf Clan and tells the girls, “He’s been so busy governing the country, but a change of scenery should help him relax.”

After listening intently, they agree.

At first he’s enjoying the hot springs in a getaway spot by himself. It seems that the ugly dude showed him where he would be relaxing for a few days alone.


To give you a refresher, Felicia and Siegrune got mad at Yuuto in episode 2 when he said that his back was clean after only Linnea washed his back. Now, Felicia and Siegrune want “revenge” for that by getting all the girls (except the slave girl) to wash his back at the same time. Like they say, “Revenge is Sweet”™

Wait. Are those nipple bumps!? Maybe we’ll get some uncensored action on BD, but only time will tell.

The other girls are liking the idea too-

He’s surrounded…

But here we go!

Notice that ass to your right. You won’t miss anything with BobTours™.

This entire frame is pure glory. Please tell me in the comments who your best girl is!

My man Yuuto can’t handle it!

Even though we got some amazing fanservice up there, we still have more to go. It’s hard to take this much fanservice in one episode, but, alas, we have been blessed.

Here’s some eye service, if you’re into that…

All I can say is yes.

All. Of. This. Is before the eyecatch.

Ingrid is scolding Siegrune about something to do with sword-making. She doesn’t want her swords to get busted. But then Siegrune says that all she wants is a sword from Yuuto, even though Ingrid’s are “nice”.

Lucky for her though, this show is all about getting the female characters what they wish. Spoiler alert! She gets a sword from Yuuto in the next scene.

She’s real happy about it.

In the next and final scene, they step outside for some reason. Below you will find some loli fanservice.

See the glass of water Yuuto’s holding? Well, he spills it on himself. Effy, the slave girl loli below, does her “duty” to clean it up. I think I would have told her not to worry about it, but alas.

Loli butt.

To make up for it, Yuuto offers Effy some dessert. She’s super excited because she’s used to barely having enough to eat, let alone eating anything sweet.


Here’s that WebM Album!

That concludes the fanservice for episode 6. Storywise, this episode was pointless, but plotwise I give it a 10/10. Please tell me your best girl from the series so far in the comments! And for any of you watching the show, what are your thoughts? Do you think it’s bad, or are you enjoying it?

I look forward to seeing you next time!