Read Or Die OVA (2001) Fanservice Review

Caution: Much hotness beyond this point.

Yes, this is an older anime, but I really think the fanservice is worth your attention.

To start off, I watched this three episode OVA in English dub. I couldn’t find the English sub for download so I just said “screw it” and watched it as it was. Usually I hate English dubs, but I was surprised. The bad voices were so terrible it was sorta funny. And Nancy’s, or her codename, “Ms. Deep,” had such a sexy and seductive voice that just hearing it could give me a boner. And for that reason I would suggest giving this review a read, but also this show a watch. Altogether, the OVA will take you about an hour and a half.

By the way, the WebMs will come last, mostly from the first episode, actually. I hope that you enjoy the fanservice screens from R.O.D.

Some screens from the opening sequence.


She’s simply the best! What a gorgeous woman!

This is so old, her breasts are pretty much circles in this frame.

She looks so damn good in that outfit, I can’t even.

Ooo! Those look bouncy!

What’dya say? There’s at least some fanservice from Yomiko! Her legs look pretty nice.

Now that’s more like it!

To quote Undertale: “You are filled with determination to show me dat ass” Am I remembering that correctly?

Call me a pansy, but I nearly cried at the end, when Ms. Deep lets go of Yomiko’s hand. If I told you why, it would be spoilers, but that goes to show that this show it at least decently well-written. If you’re even in the mood for an old anime with some nice fanservice and a decent story, be my guest to check it out!

Time for the WebMs:


This is the goddess level of sexiness.

WebM Album

This is one of those shows where one character can justify its classification in the ecchi genre. Ms. Deep is so amazingly attractive, I find her hard to resist. Although the story is a little bit silly (they’re basically running around trying to retrieve these books to save the world from nuclear destruction), I can forgive it for introducing me to Ms. Everything Deep.

P.S. Special Thanks to Kay for recommending this series to me and gathering some of the screenshots.

Questions of the Day:

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