Sunohara-sou no Kanrinin-san Episode 10 Fanservice Review

When a shota takes the initiative…

Oktoberfest came early last week – this week is now Halloween apparently.

Let’s get it done…

Drunken Milf gives Aya some Aquarium tickets so that she can take her man boy out on a date.

Before we get to that plot point, it seems that while walking home, Aki’s shota-chariot activated without his knowledge and managed to bring in some worshipers to his side.

Continuing to throw caution to the pedophilic-wind, Nana and her accomplices kidnap Aki off the street and take him to a karaoke lounge.

Pretty much sums up the show… great premise, potential, and leading lady – but all bitter sweet when faced with clothes and censorship.

but oh will the doujins be great….
moving on.

Goddess Aya and drunken milf share the next scene… now, I’ve got about a dozen ecchi scenarios in my head that could be utilized here to great effect…


and as we’ve established, drunken milf enjoys her liquor…

yes yes, get closer…

good, yes, focus on those special assets of Aya’s…. you see them every other day, why not explore them some more?

or we could just put a clementine on them for aesthetics sake. what a damn waste of yuri.


At least she recognizes Aya’s boobs for having unlimited potential for both sexual arousal AND home decor.

^ side note, who the hell makes a hand heart this way with just fingers?

let’s be honest, what’s with the fucking ear biting at this point? there have been 3 different ear bite occasions in this show.

Theeeeeeeeere we go ladies, heart achieved.

the potential….                                         unrealized, but the potential…


On to the Aquarium date.

As soon as the date starts, it ends, but I will add it was worth it just to see Aya acting like a playful kid again at the aquarium.


The episode ends with a new character cliffhanger, guessing by her eye color and anime rule #83, she has got to be the protag’s sister.


End Card.

Probably the best one yet, the End Cards continue to show us what Sunohara should have actually been like.


Until next time.

I’ll be perverting my childhood.