Isekai Maou to Shoukan Shoujo no Dorei Majutsu fanservice review episode 10


Adding a loli to the party makes things lewder.


This episode had the most service so far split across two different scenes. One at the beginning and one near the end. The scene at the start with Rem is the one that those that have looked at the LN or manga were probably looking forward to seeing the most to see how they would handle it. Ironically enough despite what that scene consists of the scene at the end with Shera and the new demon loli member is the one that ends up being the best part of the episode.


Diablo and the others have arrived at the tower to meet Edelgard and do the ritual to release the demon lord from Rem. Diablo is told to put his magic power into the demon lord through Rem’s stomach and doing so should release her. Diablo proceeds to do as told only for it not to work and Edelgard tells him he needs to get deeper into Rem to reach the demon lord.

Edelgard tells him the only way to get the magic reaching the demon lord is to cut a hole into Rem’s stomach but they obviously don’t want to do that. Edelgard then realizes there is a hole already that can be used and tells Diablo to put his fingers into her vagina and transmit the power that way. Rem agrees to it since it is the only way and Diablo prepares to do it. There is censorship in the non atx version here such as no movement during a part and things like that.

Suggestive symbolism is symbolic.

In case you are wondering here was the scene from the LN.

Diablo puts his fingers in and is able to find the demon lord and sends his magic into Rem resulting in the demon lord getting revived. He then puts Rem down and gets ready to fight it before it can do any damage.

After the demon lord is fully revived they see she doesn’t look like what they thought she would look like and ends up being a small loli instead but Diablo decides he still has to fight her before she can start killing people. As the two of them get ready to fight she starts to get confused on what it is she is supposed to be doing when Alicia reminds her that her mission is to kill all mortals. Rem asks the demon lord why she wants to do that but she can’t remember. After they tell her that she can’t kill people she decides to accept that and agrees that she won’t kill anyone surprising everyone. Alicia asks Edelgard if she is okay with that as Edelgard tells her she will do whatever the demon lord wants accepting it.

Apparently no one gets suspicious though over Alicia getting excited when she sees the demon lord revived and her quick action to remind the demon lord she should be killing people or the fact that she seems disappointed when she decides not to or even that she speaks to Edelgard on familiar terms despite just meeting her. Then again plenty of shows have shown you can menacingly smile over something evilish in plain view and no one will catch on.

Shera gives the demon lord some biscuits (though thy look more like cookies to me) and after eating them the demon lord decides she wants to get more and makes that her mission. Shera tells them there are more back in town as they all go to leave.

Turning his head like that he reminds me of the owl from ocarina of time in which case kill the fucker on the spot before he asks you if he should repeat himself.

As they are heading to town they decide there is no reason to fight the demon lord if she is serious about not destroying everyone. Eventually a fallen appears before them telling them he is Eulerex and has come to serve the demon lord like the previous ones as Edelgard tells everyone how he is the strongest among all the fallen. When he gets ready to kill the others the demon lord stops him as he learns she doesn’t want to kill people like expected. He refuses to accept her as the demon lord then and plans on killing her so a new one can be revived instead. This leads to him and Edelgard fighting as she refuses to go against the demon lord’s orders. Seeing that she is no match Diablo gets ready to help.

Diablo starts to fight Eulerex resulting in him panicking over Diablo’s magic reflection since only one of the previous demon lord’s had that ability. Diablo thinks back to how he got that ring as a reward for being the first person to kill that demon lord in the game.

Eulerex decides to try and attack the demon lord again instead of bothering with Diablo after seeing how strong he is. Rem jumps in the way and saves the demon lord before she gets hit by him. Diablo uses this moment to attacks him again causing him to run off as he sees he is no match for Diablo.

Diablo decides not to chase after him since he knows how strong he is and after what he just tried he can’t risk putting everyone else at risk since he might try it attacking the others again in the fight so he lets him retreat.

Afterwards Edelgard heads back to the forest to wait since she doesn’t want to enter the city and leaves. The others then decide they need a name to use in town since if people hear the demon lord’s name it would cause trouble. Shera then gives her the name Klem as they enter the town.

When they get back to the inn Diablo is tired out after using all his MP up fighting Eulerex earlier. Since there are too many of them now to share a bed Rem has went into Alicia’s room to stay with her while Shera and Klem get Diablo. Shera then starts to get undressed (interestingly in the manga instead of getting naked she wears the slave clothing she had earlier) in order to help Diablo get his magic back by doing what she did before when Sylvie told her about it in a previous episode. When she tells Klem it helps them too she decides she wants to join in as well. At this point the episode gets heavily censored by using a combination of cropping , bright lights, darkened screen, and lack of movement. So the uncensored atx version is the way to watch this. I used the censored version for some of the sub pics to show the difference while including the uncensored pic right after.

That scene actually replaces the bottom one in the censored version.

They finish up and Diablo has restored all his magic. The manga version of this scene had a few bits not in the anime like Klem biting Diablo’s ear and then finally his neck at the end but they didn’t include that part here.

Abe Lincon was a shit father to Alicia apparently.

*Screams in agony* Put them fucking back on.

In the other room Alicia is thinking about her past in which she was obviously mistreated and how she needs the demon lord to kill everyone to make a better world like she wants.

Back at the church Saddler has gotten free from his stone spell and vows to get revenge on Diablo and the others for it. And with that the episode ends.



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Easily the most service filled episode yet. Kind of funny though how the scene most people anticipated wasn’t the main highlight of the episode but something else. You would think a scene that involves fingering would had been the best part of the show but here it kind of felt underwhelming not just when compared to the Shere/Klem scene later on but when put up against other shows that did a similar act before. I was kind of expecting more of a reaction from Rem during it then what we got. The scene in episode 1 when Diablo played with her ears actually felt more lewd than this fingering scene did. Perhaps we have just been spoiled by fingering scenes in other shows that this scene ended up possibly leaving many people indifferent to it as what they showed was tamer than what we expected and have gotten used to in other things. Kind of doubt we will get any changes there on BD either. The main attraction of the episode however ended up being the scene with Shera and Klem as we not only got lewd reactions from them but we could actually see some stuff happening other than how obscured the Rem scene was.

Not only that the scene consisted of catering to two different breast size fans with Shera for large and Klem for flat which is how paired scenes should play out to appeal to both sides. The scene itself didn’t really seem like it would have any changes to it on BD either so hoping for a low chance nudity miracle seems to be getting to be the case with each episode. The story is overall getting ready for the last part which is going to end up having some really violent parts soon. Who knows how they will handle that with what happens to someone. Kind of a shame the show is almost over with only 2 episodes left but guess that means we have to hope it does well enough for a season 2 or at least an ova.

Diablo should had paid Edelgard some gold coins earlier when everyone wasn’t looking and told her to say that he can only transfer his magic to someone through his dick. Similarly he should had did it at the slave market when he had to do a similar thing with Shera as well by paying the woman there. I kind of want to see an anime do something like that as a joke. We always see situations set up for service or lewdness with some odd and sometimes suspicious explanation on why it has to be done but never a case of the real reason being that the main character paid someone off to make it happen and thus explaining why such a bizarre explanation is given on why it has to be done. Shows need to have more characters that serve as a wing main for the main character to purposely put him in these types of situation.