Yuragi-sou no Yuuna-san Fanservice Review Episode 09

Loads of fanservice this week.


This week’s episode begins with Chisaki visiting the Hot Springs for the first time.  Naturally, she walks in on Oboro and Kogarashi.


Chisaki later makes an Italian dinner for everyone.


Here’s some catgirl butt.


After dinner, the girls relax in the spring together.


The loli nipples remained censored in the manga here.  Hopefully we get lucky and the anime doesn’t pussy out.


Love how they expanded on the bathing scene from the manga.  Plenty of anime original nude shots in there.


Koyuzu showing her wanna-be adult side.




The panties are partially obscured here, I’m guessing that changes on BD.  If the manga is any indication, we should expect a nipple sighting here as well.


So obviously, there’s a lot of lazer light beam action here that’s going to change on BD.


Not every cropped shot in this anime is hiding something until blu-ray, but this shot feels like it is.  I’m guessing this shot was taken from the bottom part of this page (nipples shown).


I think this butt shot gets expanded as well, to match what is shown in the manga.


If the manga is any indication, we’ll probably get a redraw here to show her butt better.  Weird that she’s shown topless in the anime, but her butt is covered.


Once again the top of her butt gets clipped.  Not sure if on purpose or accident.  Hopefully on purpose and we get a zoom out later.


Well that was fun.  Now Oboro returns to finish what she started.


Everyone in this anime has a lightsaber apparently.


This definitely feels cropped.  Some of the other shots above do as well.


It finally occurs to Oboro that Kogarashi isn’t into cheap sex and only wants love.  Realizing this, she vows to make Kogarashi fall in love with her and retires for the evening.


Next episode teaser

Up next:  The Overly Agressive Sagiri (ch.23) and The Seaside School and Kogarashi (ch.24)

Next week should be another fun one with plenty of swimsuits.  And of course, tentacles.



webm album


Nipple sightings in relevant source material chapters:

Other uncensored images of note:


This makes me think the butt shots were in fact intentionally cropped for TV.


Overall Thoughts:


On an anime level, this episode wasn’t so great. Most of the episode felt cliched and stiff whereas many of the previous episodes had heart. Also, this episode seemed to follow the manga just a little too closely, with a lot of scenes feeling like static images with moving mouths. That’s been a thing this whole season, but was definitely more noticeable this week. Just because something works in manga form doesn’t mean it works just as well in anime form. An anime should blaze its own path if only a little.

That said, I did actually enjoy Oboro’s little arc this episode. Characters that fail to think as humans do can be fun. And by the end of the episode her goals had altered if only slightly. She’s not as sexy here as in the manga but still a fun character all the same.

On the fanservice level, this was the best episode of the series yet. Even better than the OVA. Almost the entire episode is dedicated to fanservice and maybe as much as 10% of the running time will have nudity on blu-ray.

With next week also being dedicated to fanservice, and with only three main series episodes left, you wonder if they just end this season abruptly without any attempt at a soft ending. That would take guts, but then again the producers of the To Love-Ru anime seasons did that all the time and it’s probably close to the same production group at work here. I’m assuming.