Harukana Receive: Episodes 4-6

Beach Bums the Anime continues!

These episodes always have one or two great ass shots!

Episode 4
Episode 4 begins with Haruka and Kanata training in their school club, but also training for an upcoming competition. Haruka and Kanata do not have matching outfits, so its off to the mall! Cue the changing scenes! If you look at the webm’s, there is also a nice boob bounce scene too!

Episode 5 and 6

Episode 5 and 6 are a pair as they include the first competitive match between Haruka and Kanata vs Ai and Mai. Ai and Mai play indoor volleyball, so the inexperience of the pai show. At the beginning of episode 6, we get to see a very sweaty pair of girls. Not my fetish but I am sure someone digs it.




With that Haruka and Kanata win their first match! However they lose the second match and get eliminated from the tournament. Best girl team wins!

Stitches (Assorted)


Bonus Webm: Just a funny moment!

Looking forward to some more shots! -E101EPiC