Girls Bravo (2004) Episode 01 Fanservice Review

This was my first ecchi anime, so I’m proud to present this classic to you, 14 years later.

I don’t want to get too personal here, but when I was 10, I had no friends. Girls pretty much had nothing to do with me. So when the main character, Yukinari, says in the first episode, “Why? Why are all the girls I know so rough? Why are they so mean to me? Isn’t there just one kind girl out there? One would would treat me nicely? Somewhere?” That line resonated with me deeply. Then, we see Miharu, resident of the planet Seiren, meeting our MC right after he asks this. To me, Miharu was more than just a sexy anime girl. She was a representation how I wanted to be treated by real girls, maybe even today.

Girls Bravo has some zany characters. But our main character, Yukinari, has this rare medical condition. You see, he’s a short and scrawny kid. Because of this, many girls teased him for his stature and made him feel even smaller than he was. Since girls were the primary ones who used their words as weapons to tease, Yukinari developed an intense fear of girls. Over the years, his fear got worse and worse until he was so afraid that he actually developed a rash from just being around people of the opposite sex.

In our introductory scene, we see Miharu, the pink-haired goddess.

You know the show has good ecchi if you get a nip slip within the first 10 seconds.

I just love her playful nature!

This is the face you get when you open your bathroom door and find your next best girl naked in front of you. And for those of you wondering, her name is Kirie.

Oh! Why is she so sad? Well, Kirie is trying to beat up Yukinari because she accuses him of peeping on her, even though he just opened his bathroom door when he lives alone. With hopes that Kirie will stop harassing him, he says, “Why on earth would I want to look at you naked?” Then Kirie says, in the classic tsundere fashion, “So you think I’m unattractive? I get it now, you don’t even want to see me naked.” Then she gets mad again…

In the process though, she accidentally kicks him into the bathtub and he slopes in until he can’t be seen.

Sucks for her.

Why, hello!

Miharu immediately tries to get close to him, but Yukinari is worried he’s going to break out like he usually does.


I’d like to introduce you to Maharu, Miharu’s older sister.

Here, in such a mature fashion, Maharu says, “Oh, you’re such a cutie! Napping on my pillows, huh?” XD But Miharu saves the very shy beta Yukinari by knocking her older sister out.

What’s up with those proportions? Maybe an animation mistake? But it’s still hot. Sorta.

After getting knocked out in this scene, Maharu tells Yukinari, “I suppose I’ll just have to nurse you back to health!” I wish she’d nurse me back to health! That red hair and her lips are just, oh, so intoxicating!

Kiss me!

She thinks she killed him! This is an ecchi anime! Aren’t you more self-aware? Haha.

Miharu kisses Yukinari because they think they’re about to part ways. Yukinari is ready to go home, but he’s sure gonna miss Miharu, the first girl who was ever nice to him. They go back to the bath that they met in so that the MC can go back home. But first, Miharu has to strip in front of him. You know, making sure that they as close to their original appearances as possible for it to work.

This is so hot.

Depression. He’s probably thinking, “Do I really have to go home?”


Reunion x2?



Here’s that WebM Album!

This show is absolute gold! I really hope that you guys enjoy my reviews of this classic. My favorite part reviewing this episode was probably just the nostalgia, but also Kirie’s ass shots. The first time I watched this, the shots happened so fast, I barely noticed they were there. Wow, I had a great time and I hope you did too.

Questions of the Day:

Is Girls Bravo new to you? If so, what do you think? Who’s your best girl? Did any of you see this when it aired in 2004? Please leave your comments below and I look forward to writing for you again!