Grand Blue TV Fanservice Review Episode 5 & 6:

In food wars, their clothes disappears because of the delicious food. In Grand Blue, their clothes disappears for no reason ….. XD

Episode 5:

This episode highlights the new girl Aina Yoshiwara, previously known as Cakey without her makeup joining the diving club. There is not much of fanservice on this episode but here are some of the media. (^_^)

Anyway, does this Aina reminds you guys of Rei from Neon Genesis Evangelion? LOL XD

Episode 6:

There was a welcoming party for Aina joining the diving club. She soon regrets her decision for joining as she finds all the members there are insane. XD

Everyone then returns to normal as she begs all of them to put on some clothes. XD After the party, all the new members are required to study the necessary hand signals for their next diving trip. Iori ends up practicing them to get away from the warth of Nanaka.

Ooh, so stiff!!~ It must have feel GREAT!! But why it’s always the male mc ?!! (T^T)

On the day during the diving trip, Iori was paired together with Chisa. Despite the initial awkward situation between them, the both enjoyed the experience underwater. (^_^)

(I know some readers are into nudes, so here’s one for them. XD)

Even Aina was enjoying her time diving underwater too.

In overall, we also enjoyed alot of oppai fanservice from this episode too. (^_^) b It doesn’t matter whether the oppai are big ones, round ones, medium ones, small ones or even some…..uniquely square ones XD, the anime is always more interesting to watch with more oppai fanservice !! So, remember to stay tuned for the following episodes as we hoped that this anime can keep up with their interesting fanservice too!! Thanks for reading everyone!! (^^)v