Sunohara-sou no Kanrinin-san Episode 11 Fanservice Review

At the mountains of milfness…

Aki and his harem of law breakers continue their adventures – for 2 more episodes.

but, here comes a new challenger… the incest fetish

and we begin exactly the way we should.

I’m sure people could say the same about shota x milf… but I REALLY don’t understand the whole teeth brushing niche fetish thing, same with ear cleaning – just let me fuckin’ do it myself ehhhh.

seems like a gender-swapped version of episode 1 really.

*note: before pressing play again, I’m gonna take a wager and say Aya bites Aki’s sister’s ear just like she did for him. Calling it.*

Shame it ends here…

Have an End Card.


With that, the episode is already done, one more to go. The episode plays how you’d expect even if you can’t understand moon runes. Aki’s sis doesn’t want Aki being taken away by Goddess Aya, Aki’s sister tries to fight her, then Aki’s sister comes to understand that her brother will always be her brother. This is anime trope #232, pretty common, but still heartwarming if you watch the episode for the story and not the incest 🙂


Until next time.

I’ll be wishing Maken-ki came back to T.V.