Isekai Maou to Shoukan Shoujo no Dorei Majutsu fanservice review episode 11


The tragedy of no lewds.


So this is going to be an odd post. There have been episodes before that had little service in them but at the very least there was something to use. This time however there is none like absolute zero. Normally in situations like this the episode would just be skipped and included together with the next post but since I hadn’t did that yet for this show and since we only have two episodes left I don’t see a point in starting that now. Also the potential for service in the final episode is going to be low as well so putting them together isn’t really going to help. So this post is just for the sake of having a post for the show this week as it is all story focused.


Alicia solidifies herself as best girl by being unamused at Shera encouraging everyone to act like retards in public.

Diablo and the others take Klem to a cafe so she can get more biscuits to eat but to also show here to Celes and explain what is going on. After seeing her Celes decides that Klem isn’t something for them to be worried about and that they can do what they want with her as she is no risk.

After leaving they notice Rem and Klem are missing and look around to find them with Shera staying back at the inn while Diablo searches the streets.

Alicia being voiced by the same person as Albedo from Overlord makes this even better.

After Alicia has taken the two of them away she tells Rem about how she wants to restore Klem to being the demon lord that will kill everyone and she found out what needs to be done. She also says she was the one responsible for the one guy early on in the show getting possessed by that sword and was the one to help the fallen during that time break into the city.

Klem needs to turn into Sasuke.

Saddler and his group show up as Alicia turns them over saying she was investigating them the whole time. Rem tries to fight him off but loses and is taken away as Alicia tells her what is needed to unlock Klem’s power.

As they are being taken away, Klem tells Rem that she was told by Alicia about how Rem’s family had to deal with everything by having her sealed inside and how she was alone for that whole time too. The leads to Rem realizing that they both were in similar situations the whole time since Rem was trapped inside her with no one as well.  Rem also tells her not to use her powers since she doesn’t want her killing anyone even if that is the only way to escape.

After being taken to a church Saddler plans on torturing Rem because of her being a demon lord worshiper and telling her he is a god suitable to save her. Alicia tells Rem she could ask Klem for help but she refuses since she doesn’t want her to awaken her memories. Alicia then leaves the two of them to Saddler.

Emile trying to get the dog and bunny booty. Or maybe they are reenacting B&B with Emile as gaston and those three dog girls as the three sisters wearing different colored clothes.

Diablo enters the bar trying to find Rem and sees Emile and Sylvie and attempts to ask them for help. However he worries about his demon lord act and how he can’t ask for help but if he gives them orders instead they might not be willing to help him. As he is trying to figure out what to do someone comes in saying they saw Rem being taken off towards the church and Diablo runs after them.

Chester call for Celes so she can strength the barrier after Edelgard and an army of fallen are spotted heading towards the town as well.

Saddler seems to be a fan of Scissorman from Clock Tower it looks like. Really those are like the same kind of ones he uses on the cover.

As Saddler tortures Rem she tells Klem not to interfere because clearly her dying in front of her will not set Klem’s memories off like letting her fight to save her will. Eventually Saddler attacks Klem causing her to reveal that she is a fallen. As he and his men get ready to fight her Rem jumps in the way despite seeing that Klem can regenerate her injuries and knowing she is massively stronger than all of them and is at no risk of losing. More importantly Rem somehow thinks that letting herself get hurt in place of Klem and protecting her and preventing her from fighting will again somehow not unlock the same desire to kill everyone consequence that just letting her fight would. Even if afraid any form of fighting would set her memories off letting her fight out of desire to protect someone is sure as hell a better option then causing her to fight out of anger and hate.

 Saddler is a dog person I guess.

Saddler gets annoyed at his attack being blocked and decides to finish Rem off. Klem having not read ahead and saw we are only on like volume 3 out of the current 10 and thinks a main character would die this early awakens her powers out of anger as Rem realizes this is what Alicia wanted to happen and was all part of her plan. Considering Alicia wanted Diablo to kill Saddler a few episodes ago before she learned about Rem’s problem this whole issue could had been solved by killing him back then and hilariously ruining her plans before she even knew or at least forcing her to do this stuff herself instead.

Just think of the issues they avoided thanks to Chester killing Keera episodes ago and preventing him from coming back. Alicia probably would had turned Shera over to him and forced Rem to watch him rape her to unlock her powers instead. For someone like Diablo that plays videogames a lot he isn’t really applying what he learns from them and knowing church people are always evil and shouldn’t be let go to avoid issues like this.

 Guess no one taught Saddler about keeping laser pointers away from your eyes.

Disappointing that they changed Saddler’s death from the manga version. In the manga Klem shows him that she mains Captain Falcon in smash brothers and gives him a Falcon Punch to the face completely blowing the top half of his body off. While here he just gets incinerated instantly.

Klem turns into the full demon lord and after killing Saddler and his men prepares to destroy everything else just as Diablo arrives and gets ready to stop her.

Shera is able to catch up to Diablo telling him that she used her summon to find Rem revealing she was actually the smartest person this episode. Diablo gives her potions and tells her to go and use them on Rem to save her while he stays to stop Klem. And with that the episode ends right before the final battle.



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So this episode ended up not having any service in it so not really much to comment on that. Looking ahead at the manga it seems this will be an issue for the final episode as well unless they add some kind of anime original content. Hopefully they are able to get through the remaining content for the final battle quick enough that they have some time left over to spend on some kind of after battle lewd stuff added in.

The really interesting thing though is how they might conclude the next episode. Obviously there is a lot of content left providing plenty to make a season 2 and even a third for that matter if it gets that far since they only really covered the first 3 volumes of this. So the question is will they try to wrap the story up in the next episode that seems conclusive at least as far as the anime is concerned or will they leave a hint or lead in to a potential season 2 for them to use should they decide to make one in the future.

I actually think this is the first time I had a show to cover in which an episode was completely devoid of any service. Sure there have been some low amount episodes of some other shows I did but I could always find something in it of worth. Making a cover image for this was a pain since I always use multiple images instead of one and since there isn’t even one single service image in the episode that was a pain. Next season I’ll be doing Conception and Senran and I assume at least in the case of Senran that won’t be a problem. Wonder what the first show that I will have to divide into multiple episodes due to lack of service will be.