Yuragi-sou no Yuuna-san Fanservice Review Episode 10

Tons of service this week as the girls try out swimsuits, wear them to the beach, and then of course lose them to a deep sea tentacle monster.


Urara talks Sagiri into wearing swimsuits as a kind of ninja mission.  They bring Kogarashi along to act as a judge, with the ulterior motive of getting closer to him to learn more about why he is so powerful.


Can’t say for sure, but the shot above feels cropped.  Perhaps a chance for some anime original nudity.


If the manga is any indication, the two shots above should have nipple sightings on BD.


I’m starting to think that the anime is better at drawing butts than the manga was, and that’s no small feat.




A second eyecatch this week as well.  Both eyecatches are backside focused, keeping in theme with this episode.






This shot has nipples in the manga, but it sucks how it looks washed out in the anime version.  Hopefully this is fixed on BD.


Seri gets introduced in this episode (her debut episode was previously skipped.)  She’s the brunette with the beady eyes.  Anyway, this is her butt.


Safe to say, there will be fewer tentacles (and random bright lights) on BD.


The episode attempts to cram in a third arc, but runs out of time, resulting in a rare cliffhanger ending.


Next episode teaser


Up next:  Dancing Cheek to Cheek with Yuuna (ch.26) and Sagiri and the Final Exam (ch.27).

Chapter 27 was originally named “The End of Term Exam and Chisaki-san.”  It appears there may be a bit of a re-write for the anime version.



webm album


Nipple sightings in relevant source material chapters:



Overall Thoughts:


I have to say, I am really impressed with how well this series has drawn the booty.  Definitely the best looking butts in a nude ecchi series since Vividred Operation.  Probably the best since that first season of Queen’s Blade.  Maybe the best ever.  It’s a rare thing for a nude ecchi series to do the butt justice, which makes the excellence here stand out that much more.

While the early episodes genuinely had a good story going, things now have basically gotten to the familiar “who cares?  fanservice!” level of storytelling.  Though it was fun seeing Kogarashi barge in on the dressing room because he bought into the monster in the bikini store fib.

I’m not sure if we get a second season or not, but at minimum we’ll get at least 15 total episodes, and that is going to make for a heck of a compilation video some day.  It sure would be nice if there was more diversity (by that i mean, loli service and flat chests).  With that said, I’m still really happy with how this anime is turning out.