Hyakuren no Haou to Seiyaku no Valkyria Episode 07-08 Fanservice Review

The best show comeback I’ve ever seen.

In episode 7 of Hyakuren, we get introduced to Sigyn (the character pictured above) and learn more about some family drama in the patriarch of the Wolf Clan. The story was decent, but other than a few stitches and screens here and there, the fanservice was below average. I expected more of the same for episode 8, but boy I was glad I was wrong!

Episode 7 Review:

In the beginning we get some nice fanservice of Felicia and Siegrune at a river or lake of some sort. They are splashing and having a great time. The only reason I didn’t include WebMs is because the camera was just panning still images. It was O.K., but the WebMs would have been overkill. Both Felicia and Siegrune look very appealing in this scene.

She continually takes my breath away.

In the next scene, the patriarch, who is currently dying, has to choose between Yuuto and his only son to bestow kingship. Although Yuuto is “great” at war strategies, by looking things up on his phone, I was hoping the patriarch would give it to his son. This kid.

But he gives it to Yuuto instead. Not a big surprise in itself…until what happened next. Apparently, the son loses his cool and attempts to kill Yuuto on the spot with the crowd surrounding him. Ballsy. But his father blocks Yuuto with his shoulder, he then falls and bleeds to death. The son kills his father because he got mad he wasn’t chosen to be king. Starting with Felicia’s reaction, let’s take a look at some screens that follow this moment.

Then…the dude takes over another country, puts on a stupid mask, and gets a random girl with strange powers to accompany him.

See? Stupid mask.

Although there were hardly any good ones this episode, I had to include at least 1 WebM:

By the way, Seigrune causes the son’s entire calvary of horses to run away because she shows up on one camel. Just sayin’.

That’s it for episode 7. Looking back on it, the fanservice was light, but good.

Episode 8 Review:

Man, our beginning sequence was chock full of fanservice this episode! There’s nothing to mention story-wise right now, so enjoy! The girl, Sigyn, is just talking to and seducing the patriarch’s son!

Incredible. Just incredible for an opening sequence. But that’s not all boys!

Yuuto and Felicia are walking outside the palace when Yuuto mentions that it’s cold. Suddenly a wind comes and blows her skirt upwards.

And she reacts this way…bein’ all cute.

Then she notices that Yuuto was so cold he didn’t even notice her behaving so lackadaisical and cute around him on purpose. She says, “I made sure that only Big Brother could see it, but…” Then she gets kinda mad.

Felicia’s cute even when she’s mad.

Do you see that girl wearing green in the middle of that trio? Doesn’t she look like…

Related image

Kafuru from Senran Kagura!? (or is it just me?)

Have any of you noticed just how hot Al is? Her pose right here is golden!


Sigyn eyecatch.

In this scene, both Yuuto and Ingrid want to spend time together in the closed blacksmith area to make Christmas gifts. Of course, Siegrune and the twins try to stop them, but they get to be alone anyway.

Here they are!

At first, Ingrid is mad, because Yuuto tells her that he wants her help to make Felicia and Siegrune gifts. She says, “Why do it have to spend my day off helping you make presents for other women?” I think Ingrid likes Yuuto alot. But then Yuuto mentions that they are alone in a room together.

This gives Ingrid ideas. Eventually, she decides to make Yuuto see her as a “woman,” for our viewing pleasure, of course.

Here are the twins messing around outside.

Then back to it.

During the course of making the glass gifts, Yuuto says something to her that makes her a little upset. So to make up for it, he gives her a necklace.


Here’s that WebM Album!

Honestly, if you had to watch the series to get to episode 8, I would recommend it. Episode 8 was so cute it has a special place in my heart. Especially seeing the look on Ingrid’s face when she got a handmade necklace from Yuuto. It was really a beautiful moment! Until next time guys!

Questions of the Day:

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