Ikkitousen Western Wolves fanservice compilation

Everyone’s favorite ecchi action heroines are back and sexy as ever.


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Torrent: Nyaa

DDL: 1080p, 720p


Series Information



Production Company: ARMS

Vintage: Winter 2019



Notable Seiyuu:



Masumi Asano as Hakufu Sonsaku


Hakufu Sonsaku - Ikkitousen

Masumi Asano is also well known for her roles as:


Miki Tsurugi - Triage X v2Risa Harada - D.N.Angel


Yuko Kaida as Shimei Ryomou



Yuko Kaida is also well known for her roles as:




Hitomi Nabatame as Unchou Kan’u


Uncho-Kan'u - Ikkitousen

Hitomi Nabatame is also well known for her roles as:


yuumashizukauzumeLiru (Pokaan)


Minori Chihara as Ekitoku Chouhi


Ekitoku Chouhi - Ikkitousen

Minori Chihara is also well known for her roles as:


Yuki NagatoAnastasia Nasuhara - OniAiTeresa Beria - Seikon no QwaserYuit - Queen's Blade Rebellion


Chiwa Saito as Shikou Soujin


Shikou Soujin - Ikkitousen

Chiwa Saito is also well known for her roles as:


Kirie Kojima - Girls BravoFrancesca Lucchini - Strike WitchesKimi Aoi - Kyoukaisenjou no HorizonAkane Asahina - Kanokon



Thoughts on the anime


The last two OVA series (Xtreme Xecutor previously) have really made a strong effort to cover the manga authentically.  For the first time the character designs and body designs are starting to resemble the manga counterparts.  This is especially noticeable in the nude scenes where the boobs are super long and have an almost sock-like shape to them, a signature trait from the manga.  As a fan of Yuji Shiozaki’s art style, it was cool seeing this.

I can’t say I’ve cared about the story since season two, but I’m glad they are still making these.  Some of the very best nude scenes from the manga got animated here.  I keep thinking this series is done, and it keeps proving me wrong.  Hopefully we have more to look forward to in a few years.



Thoughts on the project


At some point I’m going to make a compilation for Jet Girls.  And when that happens, the compilation for that show will probably have a shorter boobage section than this video produced in just three episodes.  It’s been a long time since a three part series produced as much quantity and quality on this front.

At some point I’ll need to update the all seasons Ikkitousen video, but that probably won’t be any time soon as I have a lot to catch up on currently.



As an aside,


I wanted to announce that later this month fapservice will have it’s first ever sponsor.  Finding the right partnership has been a long time challenge but I’m glad to say that we have found one here.  I’ll have a post on this around the end of the month.

And as always, a special thank you to everyone on Patreon who’s generosity has helped to make this compilation project possible.