Kandagawa Jet Girls Episode 6 Fanservice Review

The gal girls seize the spotlight. Another nude scene from the American duo

If you were hoping for nudity from the lesbian idol duo, sorry to say that won’t be happening in this episode. They are the only racing competitors to not receive a post match bathing scene.

What we do receive is arguably the best service clip in the show thus far, courtesy of a naked Emily Orange sitting in a massage chair, the usual Misa/Rin teasing and more hoe antics from the gal girls.

Our weekly short nude segment of Jet Girls. This is now the third time we’ve seen the American girls nude and the best yet. Always a pleasure, but hopefully some other pairings will take the spotlight soon to keep things fresh. Speaking of which –

anyone else miss these two? Been too long. Chubby girl is best girl.

The race finishes off screen and we skip straight to the post match depression for the loser Team Kandagawa. Yes, this is the end of the idol service. Basically non-existent in an episode that was supposed to feature them.

Misa has a bright idea to take Rin shopping to cheer her up.  Deja vu from episode five. They meet a rival team along the way and spark a competition unrelated to Jet Racing.

Rin and Misa lose every single competition. Turns out team chemistry is paramount in group exercises; our heroines are sorely lacking in that skill.

They emerge from the losses with encouragement to bond and become better racers. They finally exchange contact information in a wholesome end to the episode.

Next Episode Preview

Episode six was a mixed bag. The gal girls make lots of sexy poses, but we don’t see them strip. The idol girls are entirely glossed over. We’ve seen Emily/Jennifer naked several times now compared to just one such scene for the Ojou-sama team and zero for everyone else not Misa/Rin. The service for Emily was great for the standards of this show, probably the best nude scene thus far due to the jiggle animation and how well defined her tits are, but it only lasted twenty seconds of a twenty four minute airing. Jet Girls can do much better than this if it so chooses.

there are several things look forward to episode 7  – from the preview we can see the first instance of non-competitor being shown in a bathing scene (potentially opening the doors for others to be as well) and one of the idol girls having their bra removed. sexier times could be on the horizon.

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