Shinchou Yuusha TV Fanservice Review: Episode 5

Get ready and perfectly ready for Goddess fanservice!! (^^)/

Hello everyone!! Welcome back to another episode of fanservice review for the Cautious Hero anime!! (^^)/ Although we are behind a few episodes due to some other anime review with higher priorities, we will certainly catch up to it. This episode begins with Mashu recovers from his injuries after his ordeal. Some fanservice from the Goddesses again was delivered when Seiya brings Mashu and Elulu to the Devine Realm to receive training from the Gods and Goddesses there. XD There, Seiya has Mashu train with Cerceus, while Ristarte has Elulu train with Hestiaca, the Goddess of Fire.

Seiya then tells Rista that he he also needs to find someone to train with while Rista accidentally bumps into a higher ranking Goddess, Valkyrie, the Goddess of Destruction, who gropes her breast before letting her off. XD Noticing how powerful Valkyrie is, Seiya tells Valkyrie to train him. Valkyrie angrily confronts him until Ariadoa intervenes to stops her.

In return, Valkyrie request Ariadoa to let her grope her melons sometime later. XD Ariadoa then arranges Seiya to train with the dark and creepy Adenera, the Goddess of War.

After three days of training, Mash has improved significantly, while Elulu’s training has mostly failed due to her not being talented for flame magic. As they are about to leave, Adenera, who has developed a crush on Seiya transforms into a cheerful and feminine person, approaches Seiya  to request if she can come with him. Seiya straightaway rejects her offer, causing her to go on a rampage throughout the Divine Realm. XD ( I know that it was mean, probably he’s being overly cautious)

Heading back to Gealbarde, they all proceed to the Dragon Village to do whatever it takes to defeat the demon lord.

When they finally arrive at the Dragon Village, they are met by Lagos, who escorts them to see Leviae, the Great Mother of Dragons. Leviae shows Mash how to transform into a dragon. When Elulu asks Leviae to show her how to transform as well, Leviae tells her that her destiny is to offer her life to become the mighty weapon Igzasion instead.

That’s all for the fanservice review for this episode. Although there was not much fanservice in this show, we still hoped you all enjoyed it and please stay tuned for the following episodes of this anime. Thanks for reading everyone!! (^^)v