ImoCho dials down fanservice in third episode


This episode was effectively without nudity censorship, though an early tub scene offers some faint redraw potential.  The only upper body censorship came during a brief flashback from a previous episode.  The was some more panty censorship, which seemed slightly less silly this time around as her panties were drenched after a happy accident.

imocho-03-pic1 imocho-03-pic2 imocho-03-pic3 imocho-03-pic4 imocho-03-pic6

Everything about this anime has been done before, and done better.  This series is so banal that it makes average imouto ecchi series like OniAi and Nakaimo feel like Toradora! in comparison.  Okay, maybe not that extreme, but Imocho is the definition of forgettable so far.

With this plainly evident truth addressed, I will admit to actually enjoying this series.  Love triangle anime never get old for me, and neither does fanservice. I actually chuckled a few times watching this episode.  This series has been a little on the boring side so far, but with the love triangle antics finally kicking in I’m actually starting to enjoy the story now too.

I also want to give this series credit for avoiding the overly emotional, borderline psychotic nonsense and manga logic which plague most anime, even some of the more acclaimed entries.  I’ve been watching anime for so long now that I’d rather watch a bad show that doesn’t take itself seriously than one which is totally out of touch with common sense and/or reality (Guilty Crown being everyone’s favorite example, but there are a lot of anime that are 90% as retarded as Guilty Crown and have avoided the criticism).

Shows like Sword Art Online that are nothing more than blatant otaku escapist fantasies do nothing for me.  Now if that show ever decides to show uncensored bare boobs (which will never happen in a million years), I might be persuaded, but would I watch for that story?  No thanks.  ImoCho may be weak, but at least it provides some supplemental reasons to keep watching.

Oh, yeah, I was supposed to be talking about this 3rd episode wasn’t I?  No apparent nudity potential, and not even much panty flash, though we do get a very nice butt shot at the end and a damp panty shot that actually seemed dirty enough to warrant pseudo-censorship.  Overall this was more of a storytelling episode than a service oriented episode.