My personal top 25


Here are my personal top 25 “most recommendable” fanservice compilations that I’ve made so far.  If you’re one of the newer readers and you haven’t downloaded everything yet, I’d urge you to check out the following videos (this isn’t about which actual anime series I think are the best, just a list of my personal favorites among the compilation videos).



#25:  To Love-Ru Trouble


To Love-Ru Trouble– along with Kanokon from that same Spring 2008 season- was the catalyst for a huge boom in ecchi, the likes we had never seen before.  But whereas Kanokon was incredibly bold in its presentation of nudity and sexual innuendo, To Love-Ru felt like an anime that drew for nudity against the director’s protests.  Sure, there were nipples, but they were almost impossible to see behind a wall of steam.

I actually didn’t like this series much as a fanservice vehicle- even for its time it was tame.  However, it’s my 2nd most downloaded video ever and I think the reason why is because of the filtering I have in this video which not only makes the steam less of an issue, it actually reveals new nudity that was previously invisible to the naked eye.



#24: Gunbuster


Not the longest video, but dammit all if that second episode bath scene wasn’t a total flag raising masterpiece.  In a genre where boobs are often drawn to look like water balloons, it’s so refreshing to see nudity that is realistically presented with natural curves.  It’s also just one of two videos I’ve done where the source material went as far as showing pubic hair (Green Green being the other).



#23: Strike Witches


I’m sure for lolicons this one has got to be near the very top.  Making this video, I was actually surprised how little nudity there was in the two seasons of this show.  Even when combined it was under 10 minutes of nudity.

I think what sets Strike Witches apart from the rest is how it always seemed to be classy if not innocent in its portrayal of nudity.   Which I guess from an outside perspective must seem incredibly creepy.  But hey, I think I speak for most hentai/ecchi fans when I say that I stopped caring about what other people thought of my tastes a long time ago.



#22: Popotan


At the time of its release in 2003, Popotan had the record for the most nudity from a TV series.  In terms of nudity that came from the TV series itself and not the specials, it wouldn’t be surpassed until Seikon no Qwaser demolished it in 2010.



#21: OniAi


I don’t know why I like this video so much, I just do.  The nipples are some of the ugliest paste on nipples you’ll ever see in anime, and while I think most people love Silver Link, this wasn’t their best received effort.  But dammit all if Eri Kitamura isn’t perfect as the busty, sultry Arashi.

There was a lot of great tease in this show, and when they did show nudity it could be spectacular.  This is one video that I’ve revisited a lot more than I thought I would when I first made it.



#20: Aki Sora


Aki Sora is the classic definition of borderline hentai.  Lots of sex, even some glorious money shots.  But they don’t even come close to showing genitals, and though the story is weak, there is a story.  This was the first production by Hoods Entertainment, best known later for Seikon no Qwaser and Manyuu Hikenchou.

I didn’t expect this video to be much when I started, but it ended up being one of my better videos because it had a hentai type feel while sporting HD quality and high production values that you almost never find in real hentai.



#19: Green Green


A fun series that had some terrific fanservice and a ton of nudity.  The final episode even had a pair of sex scenes.



#18: Asa Made Jugyo Chu!


GoHands needs to make more ecchi.  Unlike pretty much every other company that drops production values on ecchi titles, GoHands always seems to bring their A-game when bare boobs are involved.

This is just a one episode OVA, but it is gorgeously animated and is based on (in my opinion) the sexiest To Love-Ru styled ecchi manga in print to not yet receive a full blown TV series adaptation.



#17: R-15


Though the series itself was kind of forgettable and in terms of sales it utterly bombed, there was a lot of creativity with how they presented nudity and the art level was pretty good as well.  In particular, the OVA scene where Utae eats a melting popsicle that drips all over her naked body is one of the more amazing scenes I’ve ever seen in an ecchi anime.



#16: Princess Lover!


Though the anime was the definition of mediocre, the animation and art were gorgeous especially by the standards of 2009.  This was GoHands debut series as a production studio, and it really sent a message about how much they care about quality character design and artwork.  It’s not the longest video, but it might be the prettiest.



#15: Asobi ni Iku Yo!


This was the 2nd video I ever made and I think it has held up very well.  I’ve been an anime fan for over 20 years, but I’ve only been an ecchi fan since 2011 and Asobi ni Iku Yo! was the series where I first discovered the concept of non-nude TV turning into awesome nude blu-rays.  What I really liked about this series was how they balanced teasing with pleasing at the exact right ratio.

Additionally, some of the nude scenes were great fun, such as the naked bath tub scene that turns into a naked gun fight, or the rock paper scissors contest where the girls lose every round.



#14: Shukufuku no Campanella CG specials


I wasn’t at all into CG stuff before this series came along, but these specials were much hotter than I would have ever expected.  If you have an open mind I’d strongly recommend checking this one out, especially if you were a fan of the Shukufuku no Campanella anime series.



#13: Dakara Boku wa, H ga Dekinai


Though this series depressingly bombed, I loved what it tried to do and I loved the sheer amount of nudity for a show that lacked fanservice specials.  The art and budget weren’t always the best, but I’m a big fan of studio feel’s character design style and liked the way they presented nudity and fanservice in this one.  Studio feel’s other nude series, Yosuga no Sora was very good too, it just missed the cut.



#12: Queen’s Blade – Utsukushiki Toushi Tachi


All of the Queen’s Blade videos are great, but in order to keep this list as diversified as possible I’m only going to list the best video, which for me was the OVA collection.  This video had the six Queen’s Blade OVA’s plus both of the Rebellion OVAs and specials tacked on the end.

This represents the pinnacle of ARMS art and production capabilities.  But more importantly, this video is a must watch for the edited down version of Alleyne’s workout routine, which ends with her doing four straight minutes of topless push-ups.  I don’t think it will ever get old seeing those perfect boobs getting dropped right into my face over and over again.



#11: Sekatsuyo


You might disagree, but I just love the Sekatsuyo specials that much.  Naked wrestling, mud wrestling, lubed up naked wrestling…  My only question is: why has it taken so long for this revelation to occur?



#10: Ikkitousen seasons 1-4 + OVA


This is by far my most downloaded video, and for good reason.  Ikkitousen was the gold standard for fanservice for many years.  I’m also really happy with how my alternate OP turned out, which mixed fanservice clips from all the series OPs and one of the EDs.



#9: Manyuu Hikenchou


I actually liked the series as an anime, and I liked the pure unabashed way that it presented nudity.  Both this series and Seikon no Qwaser literally open up with a close-up shot of bare boobs to the face.

In terms of the anime, Manyuu Hikenchou is easily top five among its nude ecchi peers, but the reason I have it this low is because for some reason I just never really got into the FC video as much as I thought I would.  It also feels somewhat less essential because the specials were already so faptastic even without editing.



#8: Maken-Ki!


Though this show was criticized by many and had mediocre sales, for some reason I found it to be a guilty pleasure.  I think the reason why is because it was just so damn pervy.  Lots of ecchi shows give us boobs, but few remind us what it felt like to be a super horny 13 year old all over again the way Maken-ki! did.

The workout specials were especially pervy and good fun.  Ecchi should always be about teasing the shit out of us before relieving us with some nudity, and both the specials and the series did a great job of that.





Though the anime had too much brutality to easily enjoy as a fanservice series, the FC video cuts out most of the more disturbing moments while just focusing on the fanservice, and it made for a video that is surprisingly addictive.  FREEZING Vibration is worth mentioning too, especially since its first fanservice special was incredibly perverted.



#6: High School DxD


As far as I know, High School DxD is the third most financially successful ecchi series of the current generation of shows, and the second most if we exclude Strike Witches for being too tasteful.  Its follow up series, DxD new, might be even better than the first.  But you guys know all that.

Anybody else turn their monitor on its side watching this video?  I know I can’t be the only one.



#5: Seikon no Qwaser


At nearly two hours in length with material that is nearly 100% nude, Seikon no Qwaser is easily the most prolific nude ecchi series of all time.  Not only does it have the most nudity, but it turned heads in 2010 for its blatant protrayal of titty sucking, as well as other highly suggestive sexual innuendos.

If you haven’t seen it yet, I highly recommend the playlist edition.



#4: Ladies versus Butlers


Now here is where it starts getting tough.  Picking from any of these top four feels like splitting hairs.

Ladies versus Butlers combines Munyu’s famously voluptuous character design style (Asa Made Jugyo Chu) with Xebec’s incredible ecchi production prowess.  As if the series wasn’t sexy enough, the blu-rays added specials that were blatantly intended for fapping.

The combination of art, production values, stellar character design, big curved girls, and over the top sexuality makes Ladies versus Butlers an absolute must see video.



#3: Kanokon


I could write a book on why this series was so incredible, not just for its time or context, but even by today’s far more permissive standards.  All you really need to know is that this series came with 12(!) DVD/BD specials.  Not six, twelve.  And on those specials nudity was almost always on the menu, in some cases in a manner that was without a doubt intended as soft porn.

If nothing else, this video is a must see for all those scenes where Chizuru and her mom play with their own boobs on super close up angles (with terrific art).  Unlike most series that try to do BD specials on the cheap, the production values actually went up on Kanokon’s fanservice specials.



#2: Fight Ippatsu! Juuden-chan!!


This was adapted by a manga of the same name from Bow Ditama, who’s manga are well known for their stinginess when it comes to showing nipples, most famously Kiss x Sis.  This show is basically the closest you’ll ever get to seeing an animated version of Kiss x Sis with nudity, and this series did not take that opportunity lightly, particularly in the disk specials which are the best fanservice specials of all time, in my opinion.

Unfortunately, I’ve never been able to find a 1080 BD rip of this series, but even at 400 pixel DVD quality the fanservice is jaw dropping, and made for a mind blowing final video.



#1: To Love-Ru Darkness


To Love-Ru Darkness is the perfect storm of cute character designs, terrific art, high production values, abundant nudity, and giddy perversion.  It’s actually not my personal favorite video (Juuden-chan is), but I think when you look at the sum of the parts, To Love-Ru Darkness just has to be #1.