Imocho’s fourth episode, nothing to see here


Nope, nothing in this one.

A bit of random ecchi news today.  It’s not out on torrent yet as far as I know, but I watched the second BD FREEZING Vibration special and other than some faint nipple areola peaking out behind a swimsuit it was totally non-nude.  Didn’t see that coming.  It’s kind of a waste of time, but for those who wish to watch it can do so here (special thanks to the reader who pointed this out).

In some far less surprising news, I watched Outbreak Company‘s second blu-ray volume last night and as you would expect it kept the topless censorship scene from episode four censored.  So no nipples for Outbreak Company.

I guess I might as well lump ImoCho in here as well, since its fourth episode came and went without even a single instance of censorship.  I actually enjoyed the episode, putting story over service is hardly the worst thing in the world.  It would be nice to see the fanservice start picking up though.  Winter 2014 has been a very weak season for ecchi fans so far, as expected.